Alec Baldwin Says He Has Loved Men

At a conference in San Francisco, the actor says that at times he has loved men along with women.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Transcript for Alec Baldwin Says He Has Loved Men
All right time for this -- -- we're gonna start with Alec Baldwin who is no stranger to the skinny right says he is that -- it's quite thirteen dream force tech conference in San Francisco and his parents -- -- inning -- opening up but he says. You know he loves and that meant that I think he had a little bit of the foot in the mouth syndrome so here's how he tried to. Expand on -- explain himself. -- Veterans. So you know he's making the point I've loved men and I'd love -- Some men more than some of the women at my life but you know not and that -- -- Yes and it's kind of -- -- -- -- that there's anything wrong with that it he just kind of. Got in this situation where he made himself tells him how that hasn't cleared up anything for me really know it now he's still -- -- okay. Upset about something fun an improper group -- Penn Station in New York City really funny and they -- -- that Harry Potter senior that great scene where he's looking for the train a hog warts and it's a track that nobody can really single anywhere he goes into Penn Station he's -- out and Powell. He's just like that he's eleven year old actor Sebastian Thomas. And he's looking for the trying to hog warts can listen. I'm yeah nine yeah. Opponent and -- over the monologues. And -- ever spent any time -- Penn Station -- that she's not a news likely began tracking eight yankees you're taking but anyway good stuff right. -- country club says he's very polite distance from the comedy -- improper everywhere some good job that. I bet that to get workers who -- recognize the Harry Potter reference -- a little -- but how are zero cents in the middle Laura she. Never seen Harry Potter doesn't even know about its existence one of the very cheap stuff all right -- now you know a lot of people have been talking about you know for the late Chris Farley -- and how much they wish you can do. A spoof on the -- mayor rob Ford well. Now that treatment come true for some is a mash up. That is gone viral. Chris Farley -- a little snippets and and you can't really get the resemblance there and people are just kind of. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Contended in a strange way -- channeling through there. Yeah between the two that and she's just perfect for that -- wasn't even physical comedy every. Let's talk about Victoria Beckham donating a mountain of designers used to help the victims Philippines -- -- is a great idea. But I she's given -- An opportunity do the same. And -- -- of course that -- on November 8 her husband David Beckham using their celebrity status in the fashion connections to raise money. -- yeah do you see anything -- like there. I'm sure I was -- and you know they're worth obviously a lot of money I'm sure each and every one of those diseases to designer shoe and is that they're really get it helped. Please let me ask Clinton enticements to donate to choose announcements to say I want that parachutes he supposed to donate anyway -- They've hid the money from Michigan -- -- that. You know we're actually more important he is right I finally got it actually we've put our heads together we come up -- -- not only masters -- as. Dozens of the couple's clothing pieces are going to be as well so. What money raised will affect we'll go to the people affected by the -- until it's good -- just. Actually -- sending -- to -- there was.

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{"id":20976590,"title":"Alec Baldwin Says He Has Loved Men","duration":"3:00","description":"At a conference in San Francisco, the actor says that at times he has loved men along with women.","url":"/WNN/video/alec-baldwin-loved-men-20976590","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}