'Annoyed' Dad Records Daughter's Morning Antics

A Massachusetts father used Vine to capture his reactions to his 4-year-old's weekend routine.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Annoyed' Dad Records Daughter's Morning Antics
Part time -- that everybody gonna start out with a hilarious video that I think every parent out there can identify with -- you know on Saturdays are we try to sleep and that's the only game that we have -- here and there's -- that other four year old toddler that's going to tell you which means he's not thinking that also here's video of buying videos he's stuck together all these video that he got. Up every Saturday morning for three months. And it's his four year old daughter and all of all of her youthful energy and isn't actually until it take a look at a -- GE Jeff Davanon dies Nancy and -- didn't happen to be awake on the Saturday early morning. I visited this is being viewed by the way 900000. And diet -- patient -- yeah fifteenth 2000 she's actually in the -- In the event -- a lot of it is on line the model rocket. She's the one that bottle rocket about energy he doesn't have a chance that that could definitely capable of -- check out this next one this is a prom dress talk about -- being creative. This is a woman nineteen year old over from the LA area or name -- brief brain -- And she put together this dress check -- adults. -- -- three variants may tabs of soda and beer and an -- Can you believe that -- became a community project collecting these -- whole family was in on it took months to make. But look at that why didn't they just don't try going to the metal detector -- -- not -- -- like a chain mail suit but it looks also on percent of Winterthur. Rob wow good for her dad's like I can tell you kids these days or so created your daughter duct tape my daughter got really into -- yes she -- ask them that they've stayed on but does she was greatest in that very car right so here's another key video that we want to show you this -- -- also parents can relate to this trying to get -- kids to sleep right. Not very easy -- -- -- throughout the entire thing hold this isn't. Different this is a dog protesting going to think he's a puppy that he is just like a little baby -- You need to go to bed now. Into -- combined into bed it's bedtime. No. But -- On -- this. This adorable -- goes to sleep checked him out that -- name is French -- and Nokia hopes that may be one of the cutest dogs of. The bubble times do you agree with that Al -- I'd written that noisy made was like Tallulah does the -- -- -- up and then he's out like a -- just like a kid -- what they got that if it.

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{"id":23218826,"title":"'Annoyed' Dad Records Daughter's Morning Antics","duration":"3:00","description":"A Massachusetts father used Vine to capture his reactions to his 4-year-old's weekend routine.","url":"/WNN/video/annoyed-dad-records-daughters-morning-antics-23218826","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}