A Blind Skateboarder Amazes Fans

A blind skateboarder from Chicago gets 500,000 views on his skating video.
2:55 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for A Blind Skateboarder Amazes Fans
-- I didn't now it's time for in the Nixon was -- -- -- something that's actually really really cool inspirational. There is a -- had to skate boarder who has -- all of his doubters with an incredible incredible video he does tricks. He. Does turns heats up he's down he's everywhere just take a look at this this guy is pretty awesome and the one thing that you don't know about him if he is flying alone he does everything only using his sense of sound he's been blind since he was two years old who was born with cancer -- -- Nancy. In Chicago. And his video has are ready. Garnered him 500000. Avenues he says everything half. It's for -- That's impressive seeing sometimes the spirit means more than -- you know I -- and so -- that they're doing that is inspired this story and not think. This story is not -- Disgusting and disturbing and Diana picked it and I respect do you fitting whatever picking this story dot -- -- -- you enjoyed it. Doctors are now war -- worrying about the rise in do it yourself penile. Implants they. -- Particularly -- bridges are using militant. Toothpaste caps buttons. -- Deodorant roller. Bulls and with something. Jobs shipped off pieces of dominoes. To insert into you know where -- not. Initially for the -- Ayers but not for the link but for this book is sexual sensation -- -- because it's a procedure -- prison you're not doing with certain medical. Protocol that worrying about infections and viruses and weird things like that. And let you know this is going according to new survey in jail do it yourself penile implant that is what is disturbing story -- her in the Nixon. It -- and it in my attic and miniature. And they didn't work. -- not put a monopoly -- all -- -- Absolutely -- I ordered TV colleagues and maybe -- explored this story little bit more because this the kind of thing that really does deserve a loan package. Yeah yeah. And condemning it as some lighter fare here -- -- and interesting summit designed using mention she is and recycled pet sense to create something more. Walking art here -- basically using -- and they're out there in inserting Smartphones and Olmert so recycled -- that. So that they can now you need -- the -- is Smartphone it's really cool they're using it on efficiently the times hunter wiley is and. Anchor AirTran has variables -- I futuristic a little bit -- and from future to back to the basics a new study says chewing gum like we have here. This really good -- who had notified that fit that you can think. 10% faster I got to take Stewart thinking and you look resolved by 10% -- -- -- to put all that didn't happen but I don't get it may not get.

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{"id":18407352,"title":"A Blind Skateboarder Amazes Fans","duration":"2:55","description":"A blind skateboarder from Chicago gets 500,000 views on his skating video.","url":"/WNN/video/blind-skateboarder-amazes-fans-18407352","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}