'Butt Slide' Becomes Newest Viral Sensation

Houston Astros' Jonathan Villar gets up close and personal with the Reds' Brandon Phillips.
2:53 | 09/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Butt Slide' Becomes Newest Viral Sensation
All right it is time for the next they are ready for a new viral video that's now being -- The -- -- -- Kelly let me set it up real quick before we show it to -- it's awesome Cincinnati player Brandon Phillips got -- up tagged out -- -- -- from the Houston Astros. Named Jonathan Millar. -- trying to stretch a single into a double. Check out -- think it'll cost. Slow motion. Oh yeah it's called the bought slide a and that brings back a little a lot of that up -- -- that Mark Sanchez did that's your. We've seen frequently in affected by the -- by the way let me borrow using a baseball player he's wanted to say -- My goodness I have definitely -- Anybody right but. Don't have to care but -- -- little risky mistake. I didn't let it happen. Here's a video and can make you -- that we go for we get the pioneers BBC that -- son -- he is for the actor for an anchor. -- is doing peace. -- -- -- -- -- And you know what's funny about what's going on with the didn't think copy paper and me out -- Apparently this story apparently thousands of grabbing -- I had -- -- mobile tablet. But in -- -- green paper that was sitting nearby. It Twitter of course -- blew up with because take a look at what is holding knows he's now holding copy paper now aren't really stupid. A hard time believing that this is actually a true fifty because if -- held up a tablet that he held up a ring that simply another different didn't waste any. Holden and -- and everything is completely different anyway at some detention that he. Statement saying in the Russian -- news means didn't have an opportunity to pop items they simply went with it. I think you don't believe and I would also and I think he should have a lot and they -- here. Yes actually this feels like it's ten pounds -- we -- Does not feel like an iPad and -- it maybe three cents the iPhone there's no way -- Tuesday morning low costs when I get our run defense every test that can. And we study from Britain that interest thing happened for money one million pounds -- about a million and a half dollars for what -- then would dump their spouses. One and twenty women would dump their spouses for the month. So -- women like -- a little more and more these goofy things. Elevenths sentiments of them did their best friend for the million and a half blocks more than doubled women. Wooden -- investments were women lot of hope espouses a little more forgot they're easier to dump their brand -- the school money. And -- the breaking news and not the other thing that men are willing to give up their spouses don't intend wanted to write so the men like your friends a little more you -- you. Yeah mark the -- and out here in chocolate have people would give that up for the rest of their life.

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{"id":20302160,"title":"'Butt Slide' Becomes Newest Viral Sensation","duration":"2:53","description":"Houston Astros' Jonathan Villar gets up close and personal with the Reds' Brandon Phillips.","url":"/WNN/video/butt-slide-newest-viral-sensation-20302160","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}