Forbes Releases Highest Paid TV Actors

Jon Cryer and Ray Romano come in second and third to highest paid actor, Ashton Kutcher.
3:59 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for Forbes Releases Highest Paid TV Actors
Welcome to -- skinny and just in case you weren't jealous of all these TV actors who get says pal around with great celebrities all the time and they do television for a living anyway why not. I didn't tell you who forms the highest paid TV actors. -- -- carried out coming in at number. Three highest paid actors in TV it is -- there. Ray Romano as you know he did Everybody Loves Raymond and he is a recurring character. On parenthood that together -- the money that he collects from being Manny. -- Manny the -- on ice age films. Sixty million dollars that we have two people from the same show coming in at number -- -- prior. And coming in at number one unfortunate men fashion picture there you have -- have how much they make right next Wednesday at -- second -- -- is crazy Eddie. 45 million bucks for just the two stars right yes that anything. Charlie -- used to be that guy and make an island -- -- -- -- a whole lot might have been in more than how I'm sure it's probably somewhere in here but yes he made a whole lot more than that I mackerel. So there you have it now rounding off the top five we have to people who make this kind of money unfortunately for -- let's just. Fifteen million dollars it Patrick Harris -- to see his there. -- How I Met Your Mother. Mark permit it. Coming up in just another crazy as well in his role the MCI accident just been quite -- works against us. -- -- -- -- -- Let's do some rock and roll hall of fame inductees -- 2014. -- a little -- up just four of them. There's a much kiss LL cool. -- -- -- -- Knock out Deep Purple Peter Gabriel -- replacements Linda Ronstadt Cat Stevens yes the zombies whole bunch of people and their that's when he. Fourteen inductees by the way in the rock roll hall of fame shows -- 29 one. We'll be in New York City in April of two. 2000 fourteen and violated the eligible for nomination you have to have put out. Music release 25 years prior -- have to behind a longstanding. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's only -- around -- there -- -- 29 year that you have to date back to when they first started figuring out -- -- these people on all of that so I guess you could be in the hall of fame that you put something out. On their fourth anniversary surely -- -- Thought -- you -- check this -- Will Ferrell is. -- antics again he was -- -- his -- -- giving -- state University of Southern California. When he decided that he wanted -- -- leave. Bullied at the marching -- USC marching band -- Armor. Just because because there is of course being will balance -- -- video that was found on -- -- -- because -- well being well. Later this year they'll watch entered going to be hilarious and -- -- -- you have -- being him producing. You have great it's very proudest -- his -- did not like we're literally -- -- dawn. -- When the fourth woman with a third who we are on the forefront that would be this one that's in -- Fey and Amy Poehler returning as host the 120141825. -- Golden Globes. -- have signed on to host the 71 annual Golden Globe Award is being broadcast live on Sunday January 12. So it'll be from 8 to 11 o'clock in Beverly Hills -- course -- part of the deal Fey and Poehler will also host the 72 one which is following year. Well this time around their. Good combination that oh my gosh can I say looking at them here sometimes because they're so hilariously falls right into carefully read and write beautiful these women aren't -- -- beautiful sexy and they're funny they're like yeah every morning hasn't delivery funny and also riding funny it's tremendously talent old -- -- -- general I know I'm excited but appears now that gets -- deal.

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{"id":20583985,"title":"Forbes Releases Highest Paid TV Actors","duration":"3:59","description":"Jon Cryer and Ray Romano come in second and third to highest paid actor, Ashton Kutcher.","url":"/WNN/video/forbes-releases-highest-paid-tv-actors-20583985","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}