Jimmy Kimmel Introduces "Channing All Over Your Tatum" Music Video

Music video about the Hollywood hunk features Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.
5:31 | 06/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jimmy Kimmel Introduces "Channing All Over Your Tatum" Music Video
Welcome to the skinny everyone we have. Quite a treat for you this evening this money comes from us from Jimmy Kimmel Live who aired a special edition of their show before game six of the NBA finals. And there was music video on there and that featured -- a man of many talents. -- Tatum and that got Jamie fox -- may remember back in February me. Performed could son Nick Collins -- see here. I -- attending all over your -- up. But now there's a music video to -- feast your eyes on this America. -- -- -- On Hazen -- and then I'm glad. -- And didn't know. -- -- -- And he. -- -- -- Here today. Solidarity and all the events distant neighborhoods like saying I want -- -- however your John Erickson I have got. A whole area listen now and you have to go online and logic -- -- posted. He's hitting just -- guns and the baby girl named Everly which he showed a pitcher and it's hilarious I can't stop laughing on the -- all over your -- Even when DeVon Canada and -- heading into the sounding good to Lincoln -- Baghdad's listener this did -- -- the exercise video. We still we showed you this woman in Florida and this video in the eighties -- got a new light on the Internet. And jeans she exercises like a horse. The press decides video well John mayor has released a new song and I -- and that's to be the video for his music single. Obama changes the woman they're -- his -- mr. lateral back and this is her breast size video now -- -- -- John Mayer's new paper dollars and yeah yeah. Show. How right it's kind of -- Captivating and a strange way I must say anyway Alina lyrics of paper dollar also cutting interest in on a side note they focus on an ex girlfriend that sparked rumors that the two might -- response to Taylor swift's 2010 tracked your John. Supposedly written about her relationship -- John Mayer. Mayor has not spoken directly about the song's meaning and swift has yet to publicly comment on the matter some might be a little bit of that going on this. But I exercise lady is is just all over the place and I tell you I wanna see that almost as badly as I want you to Channing -- thing because -- issues like dancing to the red. -- which I remember the old video being obviously back in the 1980s being much older she still wearing -- -- -- -- Making -- -- maybe I'd love to know them. Aha moment with a light -- put off to John -- had he says yes that is my new video I know how -- This happened he was watching his watching world -- clearly don't come on Charlotte but it's already very. John John playing guitar. Until another John this like Johnny adapt so Disney has released in any -- -- of the new -- the Lone Ranger this -- up when it to me when it's released in theaters coming up. Outlook there was quite scary -- -- Take -- that's Johnny Depp gets there on who. And then draft that's real that's for real yes that did not -- and -- that was and that's not a -- and I actually. Added him being dragged evolves from -- -- gets tagged -- inside of his costar. He did say shark bit off -- into the crew. And I -- -- thing is like six didn't take it this it right cost costs experienced. -- But Weaver and Lone Ranger -- in theaters on July 3. -- up. I'm sure he got -- -- the -- him as Disney to take kids to Disney movies there's got bonus points and -- six blurred lines. Below and let them love great singer who -- -- be. YE a lot of critics you don't get it. I've -- -- -- -- -- I don't no the video so well but apparently the video and the earlier exit getting a lot of flak from women on -- -- in such. And people saying that it's kind of like -- -- for song. Blogger -- -- -- and posted basically the majority of the song of the army singer muttering. I know you want -- over and over the -- a year calling isn't it but the price is not exactly compass the notion of consenting to sexual activity. Other women complain of the -- just kind of creepy. Anyway -- this last month -- in an interview with GQ magazine kind of responded to the criticism and he said. -- you think this is degrading to women I'm like of course that is what a pleasure it is to degrade women have never got to do that before always respected woman so we wanted to turn out -- -- make people go there. And women in the body's beautiful -- was gonna wanna turn them around that was his response for the backlash and well I don't know -- -- you know I don't like crazy. Without the proper response but I also -- that it's that creepy this doesn't know they were getting to know that you saw on the highlight yet.

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{"id":19433886,"title":"Jimmy Kimmel Introduces \"Channing All Over Your Tatum\" Music Video","duration":"5:31","description":"Music video about the Hollywood hunk features Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.","url":"/WNN/video/jimmy-kimmel-introduces-channing-tatum-music-video-19433886","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}