Justin Bieber Gets Racy in New Music Video

Bieber's "All That Matters" music video shows the teen pop star gyrating and grinding against a woman.
3:00 | 12/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Bieber Gets Racy in New Music Video
-- we're starting out with a hot -- little racy video threatened Justin beaver who is nineteen although he looks twelve. But innocent video he is gyrating and making out in the last thing is. The little area there yeah. Region and that there again. I'm -- and this is is new video for his latest single called all that matters. And it's the breakup -- at least they think it is it was really since October and that's -- -- there's a lot of then maybe -- Referring to it is picks Politico they -- you there expressing yes why do they may. He's making -- grinding on this model. She's a blonde her name is that -- Linda -- Credit departure by the way from Selena Gomez Justin looks department mountain today about that this is love. Interest outside of a video but. They have it Tucson year old just means an Italian sex symbol -- working -- I don't know that -- Finland lever handle anything intensive. I understand the -- late you know. -- no shirt thing he's trying to go forward well to help them -- -- of and I adults ages 1930. -- -- yeah. What they call that I got an email worm cruise is replaced with a like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and I -- -- -- IO -- and 32. I don't know what qualifies -- to life -- I gotta go to a segment on -- market -- As a messy love rain. Saying she feels optimistic he he faces charter. Essentially. He allegedly slipped the 33 year old woman Ecstasy -- charge of that anyway back in 2012. He faces some did you know you faces a hearing next month and this -- what he told the folks -- even they got caught up -- LAX. Bill is becoming more more -- and and they Amedisys. Specifics -- just keeps stretching out. Most formidable that the pharmaceutical. -- -- from the neighborhood for the processing. -- -- -- that carries a potential sentence of up to four years in prison again that the preliminary hearing scheduled for next month but he says he's pretty much. Hoping things will work out in the -- You know one of our producers from -- very good point -- and he is still stands accused of a crime there is -- true victims here you know which is the person that's accusing him so it's good to keep that in mind although he's -- atop the spotlight. Let me -- better starring -- Britney Spears was on that Alan Shelley she was -- she only. Little bit about her new found love his name by the way is David -- -- -- And LA and in her ever hilarious ways -- trying to get Brittany check. Tell whether or not they let all the way the person that they met they apparently met at a party -- -- that I they had engineers on tour. Take a lesson today. Where did you meet David. I met him at a party did you spend the rest of the party let them yes and then that night yet. The next day. It stop trying out many until you show us. And this morning so there you -- -- -- and -- always brings evidence and everybody's so everything about everything. It's amazing these days is the -- -- really doesn't give her the more we see have better she looks and she's happy which is -- nice. -- difference from what we saw a couple of years ago or even got in on the -- is likely collect cars while the canary like no matter how come on the Italian. Grandmother islands like did you see in the next -- then was he there actually come and stop it gave him.

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{"id":21091738,"title":"Justin Bieber Gets Racy in New Music Video","duration":"3:00","description":"Bieber's \"All That Matters\" music video shows the teen pop star gyrating and grinding against a woman.","url":"/WNN/video/justin-bieber-racy-music-video-21091738","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}