Kmart Taps Dickens for 'Ship My Trousers' Ad

The retailer's latest ad campaign features characters from "A Christmas Carol."
3:00 | 12/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kmart Taps Dickens for 'Ship My Trousers' Ad
-- into the -- everybody -- -- take -- back I don't know if you remember but a couple of months ago there was this hilarious commercial by Kmart. And that it was shipped my hands with us now -- it sounded like at all here's a little reminder of that commercial. -- Right here. Should I can't. Just the true -- just -- -- right. This. There can be kept. This isn't an airline that is so this that for the holiday season they have created sequel called ship. My trousers and essentially had to concede it just goes around the entire story everybody shipping -- the things including their trousers and their bed and -- over the combined so the question is. Is this going to help the thinking retailer we don't know it's still Blair is -- we love its organizers and enigmatic. Evidently they like and you got through that okay you're all lying Jim might -- The office but a -- ago it was a dispute. Comes courtesy the daily news -- in Brazil and stumbling -- workers in the car salesman. In the city of Belo horizontal day anyway apparently used Carlson -- -- Car because is -- -- been selling cars on the sidewalk for years bubble -- the concrete company just said all right -- it. Afterwards the the guy with the cement said is that I couldn't lay a finger on the car so I didn't -- that's how they solve the dispute. Let's call -- plan hacked cards do business conditions as on oh yeah I don't think that was going to be holding hands and are right so and on Sunday obviously was the burial of Nelson Mandela lunch Saturday there was that. Gospel choir that -- -- expecting customers at a Woolworth's in South Africa when they started singing. Johnny Clegg. -- that he wrote and Mandela take a listen. Palin. Not. I'm we're. -- -- Okay. Home. It's the Soweto gospel choir are just up as just regular people in -- -- in the awards and then -- -- and they came together. And they extended its flash mob. He found there was rain fort Nelson Mandela as -- -- It's -- parents. This is great San Francisco member about -- show to -- I mean everybody goes up that convicted the -- with leukemia which is now in remission by the way don't wish I was five years old. -- -- -- basically coming out and and making him that crime fighting superhero that he always wanted to be yes well the city just an amazing job and it's the -- world. Famous now but basically now there's -- -- -- -- of that mysterious island aha nobody knows -- -- They don't know where it came from but director of -- -- which shed tweeting photo of that giant and basically said wow look at this thanks for saving the city Baghdad.

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{"id":21232379,"title":"Kmart Taps Dickens for 'Ship My Trousers' Ad","duration":"3:00","description":"The retailer's latest ad campaign features characters from \"A Christmas Carol.\"","url":"/WNN/video/kmart-taps-dickens-ship-trousers-ad-21232379","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}