NBC Considering Ways to Move Leno

Reports have NBC looking to move Jimmy Fallon into the 11:35 p.m. slot.
3:53 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for NBC Considering Ways to Move Leno
Bring the -- back for the first time this week concerning what was going to think it was appropriate to kind of do -- too soon so we're kind of easing back to war. Our normal routine today so -- are often some. Very interesting -- on on the world in the late night talk show -- fear because apparently. There was an article in New York Daily News college suggesting the folks over NBC are looking for perhaps a way to. Either -- Jay Leno of the Tonight Show or at the very least. Kind of make some -- when his contract is up -- 2014. Suggesting that Jimmy Fallon is going to be the one. To take over the Tonight Show whatever. His exit may come this -- based upon calls. Basically from -- talent agents -- -- Reno handled the behind the scene actor and up vest as he he's tough kid we know that about -- his his fifteen million dollar deal. Year deal expires in 24 teams are -- in which are watching as this whole. Push toward getting younger viewers ABC starting about putting Kimmel at Nightline told slot starting January the -- and maybe this is NBC's we have competing with cable by putting Fallon all -- that changed same time slot either to replace days. Quickly or after Jay leaves in 2014 if he leaves but it's also get this a long -- understanding of the industry that Leno would not -- stepped down -- -- Dave Letterman. These are -- and capital -- All the eleven and under contract of 2014 who knows double play out but. NBC again it's definitely my -- -- -- the last time -- with Conan soap acting angry helpless lessons learned over that the peacock network. But I think it. Well -- -- about money big money Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg is planning a pretty large gift to charity get this. He's gonna donate nearly 500 million dollars in company stock to a silicon -- charity with the intention of providing funds for help. An education issue so we're seeing a little bit of that of that effort by Bill Gates and -- others Warren Buffett. Two you know that this sort of the country's richest people donating most of their wealth to help. Other so I think well don't. Yeah that's his biggest donation ever well done -- -- just funny -- he certainly has the money that's for sure. Also all the sadder note everyone who let folks -- that the public memorial. For a singer Jenny Rivera will be held today in Southern California. 10 AM California time Gibson amphitheater in Universal City the burial will be private but this is chance for the public to grieve. -- later this morning of course she passed away in a plane crash on December the -- are still trying to find out the cause of the crash but we wanted to -- -- send our. Also -- her family to her many many fans I'm sure -- turn out today for them memorial against. At last but at least HBO apparently is going -- presents documentary on our 42 president William Jefferson Clinton and get this. It has been church sanctioned by Bill Clinton is half full cooperation -- my question -- -- What we hear about Monica Lewinsky's idea of how we talk about Clinton presidency without its biggest scandals its biggest scandal but he's he's really just. -- -- -- he's make history so many times he's got the Clinton Global Initiative and all of these things I wonder -- it's going to even. It's you know just mentioned it or are really delve deeply -- it's fair advantage of more than mentioned that he would think he -- -- who plays Monica. Literally true and also HBO is developing game changed the game change sequel double down and there is going to sort of go over the 2012 election. Between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney -- back is going to be. -- interest in that book game change about the 08 election was fascinating as was the movie I think -- won several awards as well now Laurent. Four Emmys or and is now -- take a look at the Romney Obama battle. UH BO should be back as always. We'll be back.

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{"id":18012938,"title":"NBC Considering Ways to Move Leno","duration":"3:53","description":"Reports have NBC looking to move Jimmy Fallon into the 11:35 p.m. slot.","url":"/WNN/video/nbc-ways-move-leno-18012938","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}