Needed Gadgets to Help Around the House

Dick DeBartolo takes a look at some new gadgets that make home repairs easier.
4:01 | 05/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Needed Gadgets to Help Around the House
Whipped up TV's Dick DeBartolo lord is whizzes here this morning with some brand new -- good morning -- good morning these segments -- get some good ones today national hardware show and they have just got back. The -- cordless screwdriver. Forward and reverse and comes with slot Phillips even -- -- so if you want to take your computer Paula. You can do it if you don't need the motor all right version. There's a manual version fraud ballot I suppose the only these nice 'cause if you work at -- board dark year old crammed in that actually have a flashlight that's probably -- -- the best thing about it. Are you got a power strip that snapped a little different exactly turn up in our -- -- you know people have all it would dogwood maple and they buy power strip and it was coming bright white or green area. So this -- -- -- and visit -- they doing -- -- yet. So it's six outlets in and eliminated on off switch built in surge protection. Under fifteen bucks so it's about -- -- if it's gonna stick out the end of the cap to properties nicer for matches between Israel and yeah all right very good -- we -- next lot of -- -- the show this is from coast this is one of -- very high -- flashlights that -- are powerful yet. The 241. Woman's one can -- fly you can do. Spot bullets did about a medical leak and cap here is you can charge advice USB charging him. You can right into your computer or your -- or you're even in your car right -- your car or -- agency and it comes with an extra rechargeable battery but if worst comes to worse and a lot of flashlights can do it. You can just her win a regular double AT&T charge the batteries are critical -- guys kind of funny that some -- have to accept that it's all -- that we are running on a solar -- right yeah a lot. Right there's a little switch in there we put it on on battery. But when it's out in the -- -- fly around the -- if there's a little -- you'll do little more gyrating around any real butterflies that try to because you -- you know I don't know maybe dinner and a movie -- Very that's how much is criticized. And Amazon it's going to be out twelve blocks Netscape outside this is very interesting robot. I don't know what to make this is either just pure genius or an increase in. Did you guys gonna do well I'll get -- real estate robot in action. So people like to clean it didn't like the barbecue but not clean the grill -- -- bot has a little LED window you push either heavy duty cleaning or -- cleaning you can put on a cold grill or hot grill -- -- Runs around the grill with those steel Russians like that backing cleared of the total vote on the rumba rumba -- -- -- for and it's not going to be on -- hundred blocks. And it's the guy just said early summer. We establish how Long Will these these -- last alive he said about fifty barbecues which most people is more than a season. Some trying to decide again is this like something I need and can't live without or bush did the dirty barbecue on -- coming to Africa half -- right and lowering key -- and I earlier because -- -- it's hard for us to see here and but it's always glowing it takes a little bit of juice out of the battery so. -- -- -- -- You'll find -- keys in there when you find your -- you got a little like you have a little flexible it's dark and you'll always find exactly and that's how do you make -- two and quit writing god likes the same principle they glow like -- and light light -- items lying little is glad he's there isn't exactly -- to -- RK KK why is -- any different -- masked. What's great about hurricane tape is that if the windows survive. And you get to take within seven days it feels right -- doesn't -- any really Valdez you don't -- with a reasonable way to screen you know -- -- know -- regularly you do me within seven that is yet I don't mean they aren't all aren't convinced -- tape is cut. All right thanks to argue is where is Dick DeBartolo for all the details on these products visit gives -- dot there is war FaceBook page W and enhanced dot com. Watching world news.

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{"id":19268878,"title":"Needed Gadgets to Help Around the House","duration":"4:01","description":" Dick DeBartolo takes a look at some new gadgets that make home repairs easier.","url":"/WNN/video/needed-gadgets-house-19268878","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}