Prince Puts Comedian on Cover of New Single

Prince's new single features cover art of Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince.
2:55 | 08/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Prince Puts Comedian on Cover of New Single
Welcome to the mix it probably my favorite story of the entire -- -- prince is just released the cover art -- his brand new song. It's something that is reminisce and if you are into pop culture at all if you recognize this immediately. -- it. That is actually Dave Chappelle from his Dave Chappelle show back in the early two thousands -- -- did. Worse it's hot and imitated and why isn't friends playing a basketball game if you remember. When he -- Instead you know why why not everybody probably -- this moment and -- -- the new song is playing. Now take a look if you don't let it take a look at this is essentially summing up of the -- was all about us. He was -- leggings slopes and was. -- -- that victims. -- -- Yeah. -- Charlie Murphy and his -- prince against curt Fischer emerged as the -- it. The whole deal was -- is an incredible basketball player according to Jeff Levy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So nothing I guess we have here is the Sunday gave a fitting cover for his knew -- -- called breakfast can wage really quickly take a look. Until about five sounds like -- -- -- -- Story cannot South Korea from -- -- -- -- -- sixteen -- finally. Merged into watching my world has got a sense humor. He apparently is great basketball player that will face. All right couch potatoes dream should get this reduces just because more guys -- ever mindful guys -- captains take a look at these glasses. There. Basically glasses that allow you to life what she got a hold your head up even at the propping -- up and you can look. At the computer or the TV for the book they operate like on personal. Almost like submarine film cost about fifteen bucks and these little mirrors -- -- -- from one place to the other basically you can life. Flat out. And still see all the stuff that's up there. And I -- one. Story about thirty seconds -- I have to tell you seven the only guy in Australia -- and I would not want another story and be happy it's up to fourteen inch -- into his -- eat dry in an attempt to achieve sex sort of sexual gratification. Clearly this is the first time he's done that he's also attempted. And successfully inserted and safety -- telephone cables will cocaine straws marvel like all parents makes it does famed plane flying. Doctors -- Able to successfully remove the -- by using forceps and obviously we'll application. Can tell you -- -- that would be.

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{"id":20008443,"title":"Prince Puts Comedian on Cover of New Single","duration":"2:55","description":"Prince's new single features cover art of Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince.","url":"/WNN/video/prince-puts-comedian-cover-single-20008443","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}