Proof That It Pays to Pray

A diner in North Carolina is offering 15 percent off for customers who pray before they eat.
2:54 | 08/04/14

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Transcript for Proof That It Pays to Pray
Now it's sad for the mix so there's -- South Carolina man who was homeless he was actually in prison on drug -- charges comes out has no family no home. But apparently he can really bounced out of -- take a -- OK. -- -- Okay. -- in my mind. That's John Legend all of -- belting it out more than 300000. People actually clicked on YouTube. To watch the singing sensation by the -- nothing good he is listening he was the same man who also was singing and McDonald's for big. Mac -- a story OK -- Good for Campbell brings new meaning to sing for your mail but up next speaking of -- this family if you use like this thing when you're -- -- road trip this family. Has come up with a new way of seeing -- she didn't sign language. A couple take a look. -- -- -- -- American sign language interpreter and her husband on the road there they are signing. To some -- music 540000. But -- you know. Advancing this is great for the deaf community is that you can have finally out of road trip -- watch when he takes both hands probably. -- reality. Here again. But still entertaining and it's -- great video and I wish them. I would learn sign language -- news convenience. Back. Another way but not another way to -- -- -- I love water guns and apparently so does the entire country of South Korea results take a look at this video it is there annual at that wider gunfight at the annual water gods festival in -- continent and South Korea -- cannot separate your aggression out on your neighborhood that. Your new neighbor their base and a total stranger apparently it's totally okay they were also numerous fire engines on hand to last spring cold water. I'm people on a hot day. I'm cool I was pretty. Get with the superstar for back in the day -- I believe that -- -- Get -- showers well I finally. This I love this story this is another reminder that it sometimes pace to break take a look here this is a couple. Or rather restaurant Winston-Salem North Carolina that -- -- 15%. Premium discount walking praise in public before your meal prepared isn't -- receive this receipt. Coming from a woman was traveling on business to the restaurant theories or -- -- she sat down. She said her -- before the food came out later the waitress came over and said to her restaurant offers 50% discount to people. Pray before and the owner of the restaurant says it's less about religion. More about being grateful. They -- we operator of gratitude -- -- -- gratitude for showing in public that you. Please don't tell the bean counters -- ABC -- spectacle. I'm Rhonda frozen -- -- -- never.

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{"id":24829554,"title":"Proof That It Pays to Pray","duration":"2:54","description":"A diner in North Carolina is offering 15 percent off for customers who pray before they eat. ","url":"/WNN/video/proof-pays-pray-24829554","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}