Proposal at 3,000 Feet

A new viral video shows a man proposing while skydiving.
3:00 | 01/30/14

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Transcript for Proposal at 3,000 Feet
Now it's time for in the mix especially his Microsoft version -- I'm not putting my door and that's putting the economy you take -- -- -- -- take it away let's talk about this a skydiving proposal takes -- to new heights is an amazing story. Jessica -- -- -- They've been skydiving for about a year there they are and you know they're doing this -- beach landing as they come down do you see that right there will you marry me in -- she says I never suspected. About 5000 feet up I looked down and I see the -- marry me Jessica newsletters on the sand. Now -- Hewlett his family to their family was camping with them while they were up in the air he -- to go down first. The family all the while I didn't spelling -- out on the extent. I love is so creative and actually one of my best friend suggests that her husband proposed -- the sky diving chicken and really. Not on the beach straight primaries and Cincinnati popular with the Jessica that's the way to get a Jessica American. Now we know the best results. I want to bring it out to another really cool video this morning Christina all of -- -- Hudgens big -- surfer -- and she kept on surfing straight through her pregnancy -- nine months of her pregnancy. Videotaped it also Jihad kind of the progress of our navy not -- -- when she kept out there in the waves. That this is a bit older she had -- -- bull like that in the fall I'll help CN. Public that's cool elixir for condoning that's Franzen came out saying do you. She she's tough and there are right and think about pizza you love the right obviously I love -- -- -- how about pizza sit at her news talk about this one all right. This is a designer coming out with a new -- -- -- it perfume. It's got the sensation of tomato sauce mozzarella. And oregano. And the daily news middle tests on New York Daily News and they said. They deemed it intoxicating. And a little off putting -- as romantic as a cheese slice at 2 AM. How shallow man I don't know I think I probably smelly people a lot of time anyway is that my eating habits the -- and the money back -- got to get yourself and then after -- -- -- -- knowledge cold pizza. It may I don't know I really want to end with. This is serious she says here take a look at this cute little Pomeranian named. Blinks. So they'll owner. With the Portland Oregon and -- seventh straight home. Got so used to today's -- -- for family members the most amount set about the different holidays but now little flames. Had his own calendar and is soaking in the spotlight -- lesbian -- star -- -- -- -- -- elaborate he's got a strawberry. The -- aboriginal music video you get engaged when we have he is us.

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{"id":22294451,"title":"Proposal at 3,000 Feet","duration":"3:00","description":"A new viral video shows a man proposing while skydiving.","url":"/WNN/video/proposal-3000-feet-22294451","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}