Ryan Lochte Tears MCL in Accident With Fan

The Olympic swimmer has freak accident with fan and tears his MCL.
4:29 | 11/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ryan Lochte Tears MCL in Accident With Fan
Getting everybody would start with some sad news for -- -- the famed Olympic summer he apparently is at the pole for at least the foreseeable future because he got into a freak accident with a fan. So apparently he wasn't Florida where he's doing he -- -- -- limbs or he's been for awhile. And this fan who -- -- a teenage girl goes crazy who runs up to him throw yourself on him he catches her they both tumbled to the ground. He hits his -- on her she's completely unharmed complete freak accident. Well now he has a torn and see Elena sprained ACLU gotta be added to pull his record as saying that he's taking a break from training and competition. But they do expect him to make a full and speedy recovery. And he's of course he's thinking of course thanking everyone -- -- well wishes. -- -- I hate -- -- run up to me on the street throw themselves in my arms and I've almost like got a bunch of -- CR -- and there is almost everyday I just take it easy ladies yeah Paris. Our -- Tom Cruise coming out swinging the -- he's been tight -- about the divorce. He's been tightlipped about -- fathering of Syria and some of the criticism that out there but he's coming out swinging TMZ reporting that he just filed documents. For age fifty million dollar lawsuit against the publisher of life and style and in touch magazines for cover stories that claim that he actually abandoned serie -- after divorcing Katy back in June of 2012. According these documents TMC quotes -- -- -- -- in no way cuts are out of my life for the physically emotionally financially or otherwise that's a quote. He was on site specific times that he saw his daughter in person in the months following divorce and says even -- in those times I was working overseas was not able to see -- person we were. Did contact an extremely close to document probably pretty revealing. Thomas -- almost nothing publicly about the divorce from Katie says. Lot of information there and Tom Cruise saying I am a good dad and I have not I've been in my daughter and he wants some compensation. Lot of these drags out I mean anything you've gotten up an -- he does make -- -- -- throw it against the wall hope it sticks. But people like these stars who fight back is when you have to start thinking that it should print stuff that's actually -- me. Aren't Elvis and assault also according to TNT apparently Amanda behind is gonna be home by -- -- you heard it right. -- as saying that her medication as well as a psychological counseling has sufficiently stabilized her and her doctors. Are going to allow her to leave the Malibu facility where she's been held since September. TMZ says that her release from the psych ward apparently to this rehab facility happened some time ago. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Being freaked out. By the people at the the initial facility at the psychiatric ward and it prevented her from improving -- now she's at the therapies. Could fatten. -- -- -- Rehab center rather. If she's going to stir crazy she can't go outside can be seen those people because there's fear that the paparazzi and take pictures of her and everybody else and so she's kind of stuck inside spinning -- crazy everything's working out for hers and at least two moms -- from holiday lest we have to. Let's hope she's. Doing better. Time I did I guess what so she's doing better yeah. What they're doing and family as well not -- basic supporting Miley Cyrus is pending heart broken open letter former fiance -- -- -- saying she is sorry for her wild ways. That's them in happier times as time's gone on in the anger subsided apparently Miley has really started to feel the pain in the split does according to the sun a source talking to the sun. Apparently she thought about writing songs but they decided she's decided not to write them she decided to write a letter to -- -- instead -- exactly how she feels. I was him I'd be very grateful that she and write a song a song. -- -- He -- apparently that she pushed away and she says she's sorry for acting so mad and she says that she still loves them deeply and possessed him to meet up. Could be for closure India -- and she just wants to talk things through this again and sons. We'll tell you she's willing to elect a string guys who have again this is all just reports and he's battling still like a very beautiful and it is actually read that while -- -- Gonzales and -- it seems to me like he's kind of moved on anything interesting to see what the deal listen. Gore might just be one of those. Well things are he's here now feel alone -- who knows it must be nice to have that problem.

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{"id":20800350,"title":"Ryan Lochte Tears MCL in Accident With Fan","duration":"4:29","description":"The Olympic swimmer has freak accident with fan and tears his MCL.","url":"/WNN/video/ryan-lochte-tears-mcl-accident-fan-20800350","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}