Sex Tape Shocker With Emma Stone

A sex tape that Emma Stone made years ago is in private hands, for now.
3:21 | 11/22/12

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Transcript for Sex Tape Shocker With Emma Stone
Welcome back everybody I know it's a holiday and all we should be more family friendly -- perhaps but there's news of another sex tape out there. This morning and is part it's pretty much like a rite of passage in. Everybody has -- -- to talk show up there and so really the one that is being talked about now features and Emma Stone. She'd be don't know who she is recognize that things may be right there from the amazing Spider-Man from crazy stupid -- anyway. -- quote close the insider who now that goes told radar online that back in the day the actress is now 24 years or have -- Wild streak he could say and made this video well before she became famous now the good news here is that it's not being. Shopped around the remains in the hands of the person. That she made it with according to this source or whatever and she's dating her -- Leading man from Spiderman right now Andrew Garfield as she's known as being very kind of private SARS is still didn't think this is sixty about their clearly would not. Sit down with -- that image but the good -- it like it's not out there like others have been but you know according in this one source there is one but it is still in private hands which is. Which is good news sell you a Fuzzy you don't you pay the price for the crazy stuff you do when -- Zero younger than men in -- and I didn't destroy it. This is always -- no need a Smart move I'm sure the dude is like never knows when you have high school yearbook -- you've been around. -- -- We'll look back at that's -- very carefully -- how we -- -- -- -- -- Outright in next sorry I -- -- maybe shopping for a house are in apartments -- -- twenty million sit around Hollywood. -- you know Madonna's Madonna's places up for sale there's a peak and it. Central Park west duplex 23 point five million -- 6000 square feet isn't like looking inside these homes we all do. And here's the deal that I has eight -- eight bathrooms what is it eight. Five wood burning fireplaces a library of course you kitchen and a forum where we find room for New York I mean that's a massive for this city that's huge she -- a lot more though for when I was reading she bought for 32 point 59. She's selling -- she's lost money on that now she didn't I don't. How old Madonna make it through the thing if it's only that places only like two blocks from where we are right now -- exist here on the upper west side of ten. Then he got into it like to see Madonna's late Tuesday you know we're just and my -- quite -- ABC did not put you up fifty years did here in the overnight. But I'm sure the red roof it is just as lovely. Patent -- didn't really Madonna sir. More you react if she's she's she's taken off to you enough for sex tape number six numbers Examiner's NASDAQ take such -- getting it. There's that picture this -- for her new. Cologne trigger -- naked it's a fragrant -- and apparently she -- has been airbrushed because that's not without looks like today so that we'll have to I was talking about the New -- topless go topless and look. But you do -- safety and not like this and this looks like when -- don't want him. She -- you can't really address helps everybody Madonna US soldiers still provocative -- fifty -- quick divorce -- -- reporting this morning. Miami the Alec may remember her from blossom and -- Big -- -- she's getting divorced from her -- after several years together not the kind of good holiday news and wish her and the children luck.

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{"id":17785252,"title":"Sex Tape Shocker With Emma Stone","duration":"3:21","description":"A sex tape that Emma Stone made years ago is in private hands, for now.","url":"/WNN/video/sex-tape-shocker-emma-stone-17785252","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}