Shocker in 'DWTS' Elimination

Despite high scores, Christina Milian gets the boot on "Dancing With the Stars."
3:50 | 10/15/13

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Transcript for Shocker in 'DWTS' Elimination
Welcome to getting you know that music. Is it me that we are gonna have a -- of the spoiler here so -- time because I'm you just for a moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stars last night and it is painful for me I have actually been watching -- you see it. You see here first -- won't watch the -- in the Leon. Eliminated -- is that -- This is weak side there -- nine remaining contestants this is -- those memorable year of their life that's what they were dancing to. And she got the -- she got one of the highest scores with a 28. There are a couple of people that are quick on her tales -- -- also got he got a 27. -- also got a 27 dolphins have been the -- -- of their -- -- 2012 because that's when their first child was born so there you have it Christine -- Elian out to of those races. She got the best score one of the best scores of the night and the judges -- performance and still America from. 08 remaining days on Dancing With The Stars. It's generating AM it's a shame when somebody gets the highest -- gets the boot I guess it's the judges and the people at home don't see Brian Italian just went -- they haven't it has happened before so there you have -- and they don't have a say when it comes -- other contestants out. She's gone -- that iconic scene in the movie big we're Tom Hanks is on the piano. Playing with the speedy place chopsticks he -- that little boy and grown man's body it's a great scene well. 25 years ago that movie came out 25 years today. Tom Hanks re creates this scene. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- say that right yes yes and Jonathan Ross show so. There's still got teased about it and -- -- I think salmon that up with -- engine doesn't -- -- -- that's CNN's about retraining and hello that I had a lot of limitations on the -- -- old movies and I show -- sometimes -- that and it was too slow. -- -- -- -- Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. They're starring in a movie called escape -- it's coming out this Friday so go watch it because it looks like it's really guide. Still -- -- up and they really didn't know what's really cool as they didn't -- other than going jacket -- unprecedented talking about the movie and a lot of people are asking them questions like have you. Ever been offered to start -- the floor and -- turned it down or what was this circumstance and some of the revelations that they visionary -- pretty unique apparently they'd been at this is not first time they've been asked to start a movie together all of the other -- they had turned -- because how ridiculous. -- -- They say it one -- they wanted us to be undercover agents in drag. Sullivan television sounds imagines and -- yeah I want it doesn't change from human beings animals. Aren't Arnold Schwarzenegger said he'd -- the dog. That's absolutely the cat they would. Fighting each other with some kind of comedy -- anyway listen and understand why these movies never got me right lots of fight scenes in this movie they kind of go back to their old you know. -- about -- down debt and make little comedy in the process and it looks got. I hope it gets good reviews -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Selena Gomez falls during a concert in Fairfax Virginia over the weekend sparking a bit of a lip -- debate goes quickly gets back up fans here. The little scream over the saw. I don't know why this. If anything it probably means that her mind is -- and it works yes you got right back up. But objects -- -- -- with the backing track. And now in the music. That's in the possible.

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{"id":20572390,"title":"Shocker in 'DWTS' Elimination","duration":"3:50","description":"Despite high scores, Christina Milian gets the boot on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/WNN/video/shocker-dwts-elimination-20572390","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}