Sit on a Celebrity's Face

New chairs feature the face of a celebrity on the seat of the chair.
2:53 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for Sit on a Celebrity's Face
Okay here's had to -- to questions going after and we satellite to sit on a celebrity. Sit on -- -- -- celebrities. Face the sounds so in -- honor including. -- -- well I guess that's -- anymore and I really hearing Elliott show you the picture of these parents that they're selling now we. The celebrities in case that -- kids got on their morning. There you got your wondering -- -- -- she -- -- you -- you can choose the -- -- playing or if you would prefer Angelina -- little more my -- Let's see it right there on that beautiful -- -- Face -- -- dot com. 374. Bucks. -- spam money for that president well you'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- 307 bulldogs can you get anybody's face put on there isn't just don't know we know these are your options laid out. The options he had think -- Angelina -- -- -- isn't here. But -- about this this is a great friendships online right now this hidden camera video of the man who disguises himself as its share of people they don't know this he's already -- He's it's an elaborate trick to work for them. What is okay. I would have a heart attack -- it is. -- did you look for months that I -- Mrs. Vatican. Not lot of love my hands -- Yeah space is -- New line from madness thanks produced steaks French units are gonna have to sign. Somewhere in -- right now proposal advanced it would these are very special at a heavy -- -- -- these parts don't get these are banks pants. That promise that 3-D effect fronts exactly that -- looking yes. How about every VA eight -- left at the back above them all at what they're selling them in Great Britain so I guess that's why haven't continent. -- -- -- -- They're selling for 46 dollars -- -- they're saying it's and he innovative three deep house for a comfortable reasonable -- that's been. Take put these on hold for me out of out of a deep -- bomb left as well I'm. I think they've got what Korea -- quickly. You have -- remained ideal and we've all had roommates in the past if we don't have them now and there's a new thing going on where website is collecting. Passive aggressive notes from roommates often -- a couple of mare that pretty good. -- And a toaster out. Another one -- -- guy apparently doesn't do the -- just a little border right along there don't do themselves and another one aspect I like this one dear Evan. My parents are coming today can please where fans all day all day it's all day tell them around a bit of -- --

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{"id":18920849,"title":"Sit on a Celebrity's Face","duration":"2:53","description":"New chairs feature the face of a celebrity on the seat of the chair.","url":"/WNN/video/sit-celebritys-face-18920849","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}