YouTube's Top Trending Videos of the Year

YouTube has released their annual list of the top viral videos.
3:00 | 12/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for YouTube's Top Trending Videos of the Year
Welcome into the -- everybody and it is the year Enders for just about everybody including YouTube and they happy here -- -- that is -- to rewind 2013 minutes basically all of the videos that have trended and the ones that really did well. So if you haven't -- -- the late night show -- really well on this list this is Jimmy -- with this girl who. According to him I had done the worst score ever hear an idiot she is extraordinary he's torn down but there. And that everything goes terribly Robinson becomes autism and all of the -- a hopefully we'll get to it but basically you may remember hot pants and I don't admire in the middle on the -- candidates and becoming a -- it turns out. It was all they don't friendly Jimmy Kimmel and the amount of viewers that he got on YouTube was so enormous that it landed right there live here recounted. It looks terrible harm. It was all of them don't. -- worry that terrible but not so terrible. Clip that said that I told my kids I ate all of your Halloween can -- and no and yes. Well here's one of the -- that -- exhausting Hannah -- -- -- -- every bit of your calling can't. That's the owner yes I never will that's -- You -- this I remember like particularly well rival Jimmy Jimmy Fallon that's right finish at. Final stop at a comedy video top ten list for his -- -- skit with Justin Timberlake but it was. The number five but everybody remembers there is this is the abolition of mom dancing which featured a hit a bump in performance by the First Lady. Michelle Obama she did the entire. Saying I don't remember that gap also -- -- she does the whole thing she's better than Jimmy Jimmy can delegate to get about the whole thing she never break. -- -- -- -- -- You never should've put a ring on my fiance is a holiday I would I would -- Iraq was next on. He had no -- Genentech had -- that. Ares I we -- -- we've seen a lot of will Farrell promoting anchorman yet. We'll see -- out there working -- Sunnis over on the other side of the pond in Britain any hijacked their ITV's daybreak show during the weather forecast. Laura Tobin is the weather reporter and let's see what he doesn't. -- All over the place -- it might cost what is that a warning for -- that's a warning for trying goat all right but let's be careful who fought. And what. I do you know he basically kept on -- too much Bob what is -- it is. Let's it's a breath of fresh air that we don't have Will -- up there and finally got somebody else and other member of the -- hybrid electric and -- -- to. -- kill the immigrant killed him and hit him with a -- and I'm. You get -- all places my -- have you do newscasts and all laces.

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{"id":21189058,"title":"YouTube's Top Trending Videos of the Year","duration":"3:00","description":"YouTube has released their annual list of the top viral videos.","url":"/WNN/video/youtubes-top-trending-videos-year-21189058","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}