Reporting From a War Zone

ABC News' Aaron Katersky, who just finished a five-week stint in Iraq: "Taji is just north of Baghdad and it's considered a particularly dangerous place because it had been the site of a munitions dump when Saddam Hussein was in power. The fear is that a lot of what was there ended up in the hands of insurgents. But three years after the war began there is really no place in Iraq that is 100 percent secure. It is still very much a war zone. No vehicle in Iraq is truly safe to ride in, but Iraqi military vehicles seem particularly dangerous. They often lack armor and other protective equipment. But if you're going to get any real sense of what the Iraqi or American militaries are doing, you have to travel with the troops … and experience what they're experiencing. …

"When you ride with the military you wear the same protective gear a soldier wears -- Kevlar helmet and body armor. But there is nothing that can fully safeguard anyone in a war zone that is Iraq. Roadside bombs like the one that hit the vehicle Bob and Doug were riding in can go off at anytime, anywhere with no warning. There is no special protection for journalists who travel with the American or Iraqi military. Journalists wear the same Kevlar helmets and protective vests the troops wear but parts of the body are always exposed. You feel relatively secure in American Humvees that have proper armor, combat locks and a gunner always on lookout. Iraqi military vehicles do not always have similar protection."

'Middle of World Events'

CBS News anchor and former Woodruff colleague, Bob Schieffer: "Bob is a lawyer who speaks Chinese. He got his first taste of news working as a translator for Dan Rather and the CBS News team during the Tiananmen Square crisis in Beijing. He said later that when he realized there was a job that existed in this world where he could be in the middle of world events and actually get paid for it, he decided to change careers."

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