Russians Deny Passing U.S. War Plan to Iraq

1. Facilitate without delay the travel of the Russian experts who work on our ministry's projects between March 5 and 8, because the last airplane will take off on March 9. He stated that the request to evacuate the Russian nationals has come on orders from the Russian president.

2. He stated that Russia along with France and Germany -- with the expectation that they will be joined by Syria and China -- have prepared the proposal of a resolution opposite the American-British proposal presented to the Security Council. The two proposals will be voted on March 9. He indicated that it is expected that some countries on the Security Council like Pakistan, Chile and Kenya will abstain.

3. During this meeting, the ambassador provided the following pieces of information about the American military presence in the Gulf and the region as of March 2

Number of troops 206,500 among them 98,000 Navy, 36,500 infantry and 90 percent of them are in Kuwait and on board U.S. Navy ships.

U.S. troops have arrived on Bobyan island [in Kuwait]

Number of tanks 480

Armored cars 1132

Artillery 296

Apache helicopters 735

Fighter planes 871

Units of the U.S. Navy fleet 106, of which 68 are in the Gulf and the rest in Oman, Eden, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

Aircraft carriers 5, one nuclear, three in the Gulf, one in the Mediterranean and another on its way.

Cruise Missiles 583 on the U.S. Navy fleet and distributed on 22 naval pieces

Cruise Missiles loaded on airplanes 64

Heavy B-52 aircraft [bombers] 10 in the Indian Ocean

B-1B [could also read B-18] aircraft 8 in a U.S. base in Oman (Tamarid Center)

4. The Ambassador indicated that what worries us is the increase in the number of airplanes in Jordan and stated that their current number in the Sult Base is as follows:

F-16 aircraft [fighters] 24

Tornado aircraft 10

Carrier aircraft 11

As he indicated, there are also 5 aircraft in the King Faisal Base in Jordan of the A-10 anti-tank type.

5. The Ambassador also stated that a number of the troops of the 82nd brigade, which was stationed in Afghanistan, have begun to arrive in Kuwait and that 750 of them have arrived thus far.

[The document continues, but a page is missing.]

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