NFL's Saints, Rousted by Katrina, March Back Home

"The community not only loves the Saints but they love the building too," he said as he walked around the field Friday afternoon. "There have been so many other things that happened here -- from popes, to presidents, to maybe high school prom, maybe their high school championship."

Menard may not get to watch much of the game, but he said this is one kick off he won't miss.

"It's going to be very emotional," he said. "Having been here then, being here now, knowing all the work that people put into it to get it back and all the work people are doing in New Orleans is an amazing feeling and its going to be loud in here.

"This roof may rip off again Monday night," he said, laughing.

Not everyone who was at the Superdome last year was ready to make it back. Saints receiver Joe Horn spoke of people he has met who said they just couldn't go back into that building because the memories were still too raw.

"They said, 'Joe, I've been a season ticket holder, I've been going to the Dome watching games, but after what I've seen, baby, after what I've seen and what I went through, I cant step foot back in there,' " Horn said.

No matter where they are on Monday night -- in the Dome, in a bar on Bourbon Street or watching the game with neighborhood friend -- Saints fans will have reason to celebrate how far their city has come in such a short time, but also to reflect on how much more there is to do.

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