Roundup of the Day's Health News

In the medical file today:

Keeping the Beat

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new pacemaker-like system described as the first device designed primarily to fight heart failure. About 650 thousand Americans might benefit from the device. Read more.

Hello Cat, Goodbye Mosquito

Researchers at Iowa State University say that catnip may repel mosquitos even more effectively than it attracts cats. Oil in the catnip plant is apparently ten times more effective at repelling mosquitoes than the chemical used in many insect repellents. Read more.

08/24 Aging and memory; religion and self-esteem

08/23 AIDS in China; coffee and heart disease; drinkers' diets

08/22 Colon exams; Second artificial heart

08/21 Arthritis; breastfeeding

08/20 Medicare; smoking

08/17 Accutane; West Nile virus

08/16 Car pollution; fluoride; hands-free cell phones

08/15 Estrogen therapy; cloning; AIDS

08/14 Pacemakers; AIDS; oysters

08/13 Natrecor; OxyContin

08/09 Placebos; asthma inhalers; Claritin

08/08 OxyContin; bone density; chess masters

08/07 Meningitis; Dimericine; teeth-cleaning chewing gum

08/06 Breast feeding; smoking and pregnancy; creatine

08/03 Zinc and colds; Viagra and lung disorders

08/02 Hospital error; stress and strokes; pregnancy and depression

07/31 Teen abuse; women and smoking; ovarian cancer

07/30 Medicare; marijuana

07/27 Flu vaccine; melanoma

07/25 OxyContin; women and doctors; psoriasis

07/24 Prostate cancer; West Nile virus; secondhand smoke

07/20 Ecstasy; AIDS therapy; brain shape

07/19 Antibiotics; mad cow; hantavirus

07/18 Breast cancer; smoking and alcohol; Teflon CFCs

07/17 Stem cells; doctor visits; exercise; Lincoln and mercury

07/16 Septuplets; artificial heart progress; bypass surgery; asthma study death

07/12 Mail-order drugs; Synthroid; syphilis; DDT; HIV testing

07/11 Medicare; male contraceptive; heart disease; womb music; cocaine

07/09 Fetal insurance; chocolate; pain relievers; ticks

07/05 C-sections; stroke factors; baby gender selection

07/03 Tamoxifen; antibiotics; mineral supplements

07/02 Drowning; hearing loss; thermometers; home fertility tests

06/28 Mosquitoes; blood; abstinence; flu shots; osteoporosis

06/27 Vegetables; doctor visits; migraines; cancer and diabetes

06/26 Heart disease; breast exams; autism; hospital delays

06/25 ER trips; weight loss; obesity; insulin inhaler

06/22 Cancer drug; damaged sperm; meat and cancer; flu shot

06/21 Mexican-Americans and diabetes; new TB test; the AIDS war; PET

06/20 Race and heart attacks; bubonic plague; childhood trauma; mad cow

06/19 Ferraro's blood cancer; folic acid; breast cancer; treating pain

06/18 Terminal illnesses; fatherhood and hormones

06/15 Pig cells for diabetes; fat tax; aggressive drivers

06/14 Heart attack drugs; vitamin C danger; undermedication

06/12 Lyme disease; TB; teen pregnancy; prescription drugs

06/11 Carpal tunnel syndrome; marijuana and heart attacks

06/07 Measles vaccine for lymphoma; Down syndrome; wine pills

06/05 Cancer deaths down; rating Medicare providers; the Lap Band

06/04 Meningitis outbreak; kids & condoms; kids who snore

05/31 AIDS surge; ritalin & grades; artery-hardening burgers

05/29 HMO errors; unnecessary operations; medication for gambling?