Children Sold as Slaves in West Africa

These are two sisters. They are absolutely lovely little girls. They had been trafficked. They had been in Gabon for about five months. What happened was that the elder sister got very upset when her younger sister was actually tied up and beaten and she was out, sent out for something, and she saw a policeman and she went and told him about the problem. And the policeman, full credit to him, took her to the embassy and they then went and rescued her sister.

What I said to them was, "What's was the worst thing that happened to you?" And she said, "I was tied up and they beat me." So it was not me suggesting that those children were beaten. That was the child volunteering that she had been beaten. So I have no doubt at all that someone took a 6-year-old-child and tied her and beat her.

There needs to be an awareness in the rest of the world that this is a major problem and in the 21st century it's an absolute disgrace. It really is, this is a filthy business. Assistance needs to be given to the people who are trying to rescue these children and get them back to their homes. That is a matter of absolute priority.

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