Transcript: Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

SCHWARZENEGGER: I didn't say I will have my way with them. What I say is, I have no problem with them. Because the people out there, I can work with. Look, it took Democrats and Republicans to make my initiative Proposition 49 win. Republicans alone couldn't have done it. I brought them both together. I went to Bill Lockyer, our Attorney General who is a Democrat, this is the first one I went to, and I said, 'Bill, it was you that started the after-school programs here with Pete Wilson. It was Republicans and Democrats working together. I want to build on that foundation that you've built.' And he endorsed it. And he helped me bring other Democrats together. We worked together and we won. The same was just recently on Capitol Hill with the after-school programs. I was notified that they want to cut, that they have cut $400 million dollars of the after-school programs on the federal level. And I went to Washington. Lobbied, talked to the Democratic leaders, to the Senate, to Diane Feinstein, Teddy Kennedy, and the whole gang. And also the Republicans. And then you know something, testified there a month later. Was filming in Germany Around the World in 80 days, I got a phone call from Congressman Bill Young from Florida and he said, 'Arnold, the $400 million is back for after-school programs.' It was working together with both of them. There is a way of doing it, I'm not saying it's easy. It's going to be tough. Everyone knows that. And you know there is a way… (overlap)

JENNINGS: Why I don't understand, and I think you may, there's no doubt in my mind that you might get away with it. I mean that in purely political terms. What I don't understand is why you don't feel some obligation to tell people the specifics of where you think you might save money. The specifics of where you might have to find money, or cut programs. Isn't it more responsible to tell them what your specific ideas are rather than generalizations?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I already told you that I will find it Medical; I will find it in worker's compensation; we'll find it with the Indian money. We'll find it by going to the federal government for the money. I will find it by finding the waste that is in the government. I will find it because there are so many programs that are overlapping that we can cut, all of those kind of things. You know, agencies, regulatory agencies that are overlapping. Federal government comes in and overlaps with those. All of this is a waste. We have to just get in there. I haven't yet been able to open up the books so this is obviously, up until now, this was specific enough for the people. You see this campaigning is not for you guys. It's not for the journalists. This is for the people, for a change. This is what this campaigning is about.

JENNINGS: I heard a woman this morning on the other campaign say that you cared so much about taxes in California that you bought your plane somewhere else so you didn't have to pay California sales tax on your plane. Is that true?

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