Playboy Party Jab Could Hurt GOP's Senatorial Hopes

"I think the Republicans have gotten very nervous, and they realize that there's not one substantive issue that favors them with voters," he said in an interview on his campaign bus. "Our message is resonating. Otherwise they wouldn't be running these ads," he said.

"You get desperate when you want to hold on to power, and you do awful things," he said.

At a Ford rally, we ran into Sharon Potts of Cookville, Tenn. "Normally, I'm an independent," she said, "but this time I'm voting Democratic."

"I'm tired of the negativity," she went on. "I'm tired of having to turn on the TV and turn the channel, because it's like one more sleaze campaign going on."

Late Wednesday the Republican National Committee said the controversial commercial would be dropped, and while officials still defend it, they acknowledge the response was negative.

In the next two weeks, they'll know if it did its job, or if it was a risk they should never have taken. Ford and Corker will debate each other for the last time in this campaign on Saturday at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.

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