As Seen on World News: Resources on Sex and Talk to Teens

Parents and kids can find out more about teens and sex at the following Web sites:

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy -- This is a nonideological, nonpartisan site that has information and research for parents, teens policymakers and the press. Covers abstinence-based education and comprehensive sex education.

Sex, Etc. -- A Web site on sexual health for teens, by teens. Includes blogs, personal stories, advice, a newsletter and more. calls itself a leading online community and content site for teenage girls. It contains stories, games and interactive content produced with an independent editorial voice. A site for parents with advice on how to talk to their kids about tough issues, including sex, alcohol, drugs and more.

You can also visit Seventeen magazine online at Visit author Sabrina Weill's Web site, who wrote the book "The Real Truth About Teens & Sex," at