Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Reinstating Trump's Immigration Ban

The Trump administration suffers a major defeat as his controversial immigration travel ban is not reinstated.
3:40 | 02/09/17

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Transcript for Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Reinstating Trump's Immigration Ban
Good evening, and we begin with that breaking news here tonight. A major defeat for president trump, and his temporary immigration ban. A federal appeals court just a short time ago releasing its ruling deciding against reinstating the ban. This is a significant setback for this white house after the ban caused controversy across this country and the world. After president trump's temporary ban on immigrants and travelers from seven predominantly Muslim nations. Let's get to our chief white house correspondent Jon Karl with me in New York. This is a big setback for the white house and a decision that will outrage the president of the United States. Reporter: Tonight, a major defeat for the white house. That three-judge appeals panel deciding not to reinstate the president's travel ban. A big setback for president trump. And set off chaos at airports hours after it went into effect. Families detained. Makeshift legal clinics set up. An Iraqi translator for the U.S. Company sent away, and only allowed to come back after the state court put the travel ban on hold. I thought for my rights and I succeeded. Reporter: President trump started attacking the judges of the ninth circuit court before he issued their ruling. I was a good student. I comprehend things very well. Better than I think almost anybody. And I want to tell you, I listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. Reporter: But lawyers for Washington state argued the president's executive order violated the constitution, and had done harm not just to the travelers from the affected countries, but also to the state of Washington. What's the harm to the state of Washington? We had students and factualties who were stranded overseas and families that were separated. Reporter: The white house argued that the president has the authority to impose the ban and that putting it on hold and downright dangerous. Believe me. I have learned a lot in the last two weeks. And terrorism is a far greater threat than the people of our country understand. All right. So let's get back to our chief white house correspondent, Jonathan Karl. Are we hearing from this white house, and it would seem president trump was taking aim before the decision. We are hearing from the justice department just now, David, saying, the justice department is reviewing this decision and considering its options. You're right on this. You heard from the president of the United States as he heard the the oral arguments. He called them disgraceful. They won't be surprised by this, but they will be outraged by it. He said any high school kid would know that the president has the authority to do this, and the court disagrees. Stay with us, because we want to bring in Terry Moran. The temporary ban will not be reinstated, Terry, but what comes next? Reporter: What comes next, David, is a trial. This whole argument was about whether or not that judge robart in Washington did the right thing in calling a time-out. They said the judge did, so let's have a trial, and take a close look at the law, and the evidence. Who has been harmed? How important are the government's interests? And it will go on appeal again. This court said that president trump's comments about how this is a Muslim ban can be used as evidence that me may have had an intent to discriminate against muslims. That could be used as a constitutional argument. Terry Moran, and Jon Karl. Thanks to you both.

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{"id":45390040,"title":"Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Reinstating Trump's Immigration Ban ","duration":"3:40","description":"The Trump administration suffers a major defeat as his controversial immigration travel ban is not reinstated. ","url":"/WNT/video/federal-appeals-court-rules-reinstating-trumps-immigration-ban-45390040","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}