JFK's Secret Island

50 years after President Kennedy was assassinated the world learns of his hideaway island.
3:00 | 11/21/13

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Transcript for JFK's Secret Island
way at articlington national sem terror david muir was in ohio, at a plane that carried kennedy to dallas 50 years ago and then after shots rang out became a monument to a stunned and changed nation. David muir is here now. Reporter: Good evening from what they call kennedy's air force one. This is the plane that carried the president and the first lady. Right here behind me is the doorway the president walked through one final time on that day in dallas, waving to the thousands who were gathered there to see him. As you point out tonight, we take you inside. Reporter: President kennedy and the first lady emerging from air force one at love field november 22, 1963. Thousands waiting. So many holding signs, welcome jack, we love you, jackie. And looming over them in nearly every image, the presidential jet that would soon play a far more profound role. So this it? Kennedy's air force one? This is kennedy's air force one. Reporter: The first boeing designed for a president. But no one could have prepared for this. This is the aircraft that carried john kennedy to dallas and the aircraft that carried his body back to washington d.C. Reporter: Today they took us inside. You can see the cockpit where president kennedy's pilot colonel james swindal so often sat, seen there on the left. On the ground in dallas less than an hour that day before learning the president had been shot. Audio from the cockpit. We have a request form the chief of staff's office to know if you have mr. Johnson and mr. Kennedy's body on board. Affirmative on all those questions. And is mrs. Kennedy on board? Affirmative. Reporter: Before taking off they would close the shades. Yes, because no one could tell if there was a sniper outside or if this was the beginning of world war three. Reporter: The 36th president about to be sworn in. This is the most important place in the entire aircraft. Mrs. Kennedy stood right at this very place. Reporter: On board air force one that was stifling. They had turned off the air conditioners so they could take off more quickly. You can imagine the heat building in the plane. And everyone's heart rates up, they're breathing harder, choking back tears. Reporter: In that space 16 square feet, 27 witness. It was lbj who asked mrs. Kennedy to stand here for the oath as well. Yes. Mrs. Kennedy wanted it that way. It's been said that she said they should see what they did. Yes. Reporter: Inside the state room on the plane soon a new president at work. The whole time mirrors kennedy is in the back of the aircraft. She's with her husband, the casket. Placed inside the cabin because the crew made sure of it. The flight crew refused to put the president's body below the cabin. Yes. Pulling out four seats to get the president on board one last time. Reporter: It was unmistakable today when they gave us access to air force one where they cut into the bulkhead. For several presidents who used this plane after president kennedy, the one thing you learn, on the outside of this plane president kennedy knew the power of an image which is why he asked his wife, jackie, to team up with a designer. They chose the colors for the united states of america that you still seeing traveling the globe today. It is stunning to see you on board tonight, david. Thanks so much. By the way, after that moment, 7 other american presidents used that plane.

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{"id":20973662,"title":"JFK's Secret Island","duration":"3:00","description":"50 years after President Kennedy was assassinated the world learns of his hideaway island.","url":"/WNT/video/jfks-secret-island-20973662","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}