Judges in Hawaii and Maryland put key parts of Trump's travel ban on hold

Trump calls the move "unprecedented judicial overreach" and vows to fight.
2:19 | 03/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judges in Hawaii and Maryland put key parts of Trump's travel ban on hold
New fallout this evening after president trump now faces his second defeat on his proposed travel ban. The revised ban blocked just hours before took effect here's ABC's senior White House correspondent to sooty vacant. President trump today ignoring questions about the fate of his revised travel ban. That order temporarily barring travelers from six Muslim majority countries brought to a standstill by a judge in Hawaii. Just hours before it was supposed to take effect. During a stop in Nashville on Wednesday the president rallying his supporters with the news. They give you. The bad the said. News. And judge Derek Watson did not hold back from the bench writing any reasonable objective observer would conclude as does the court that the state in secular purpose of the executive order is at the very least secondary to a religious objective temporarily suspending the entry of Muslims. And he used the president's own words against him like this statement from the campaign trail Donald. Of Muslims entering the United States this from surrogate Rudy Giuliani when he first in our city said Muslim ban. He called me up he said put a commission together show me the right way to do it legally. The judge also citing this statement from the band's architect Steven Miller saying travel ban 2.0. Is no different than it. First I want fundamentally. You're still gonna have the same. Basic policy outcome for the country and did. Nashville president Charles hagel we backs the utterly black. Was they watered. Version of the first order and he's now Bally to keep fighting in court. We're going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the Supreme Court. And in a reflection of the reaction to get to those rallies Cecilia the president now saying he may do more these campaign style events. Diddy says he wants to do that it out every two weeks and perhaps you want to do them even more because he's already got another one on the books for Monday and little old David his campaign his reelection campaign. Is organizing at one aren't Monday little silly big alive at the White House.

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{"id":46187470,"title":"Judges in Hawaii and Maryland put key parts of Trump's travel ban on hold","duration":"2:19","description":"Trump calls the move \"unprecedented judicial overreach\" and vows to fight.","url":"/WNT/video/judges-hawaii-maryland-put-key-parts-trumps-travel-46187470","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}