Massive Storms Bear Down

Tornadoes, snow and flooding are creating a brew of dangerous and extreme weather.
2:42 | 05/08/14

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Transcript for Massive Storms Bear Down
52 million Americans are being told to brace for dangerous weather in places it's like a super storm. Extremes of all kinds coming together. Post cards now from the storm zone you can see in Nebraska -- surprised and spring nine inches of snow. And watch this time lapse video in Oklahoma the -- is a house with a menacing super cell. Forming right there in the sky overhead. But now as we said the tornadoes are the big fear and ABC's Alex Perez is tracking it all Alex. I had tonight the sound is loud in here you can hear tornado siren here and Mankato Minnesota there are sirens like this. All across -- state in the -- will be listening closely as they prepare for another night of severe weather. High winds staring up -- is sirens is sounding the alarm in Dallas tonight. Near that city today a dramatic rescue it took two hours to save by bullies from these raging waters. The boys are exhausted but okay but let's go. At least seven tornadoes reported yesterday including this ominous dust filled land -- churning across the high plains of Colorado -- a -- barn. Along with the tornadoes. Up to baseball sized hail battering the Oklahoma landscape in Kansas. Pummeling homes winds near ninety miles an hour derailing this -- just north of Wichita. I was shocked that it was stronger military so we're making -- -- from Minneapolis and making them it is right now. This short break with the -- want to show -- what them. They don't back. In the last 24 hours nearly 200 reports of severe weather and how. County at Salt Lake city's airport eleven planes inspected after being struck by lightning. Many of them as the planes were landing terrifying passengers it's rare for so many -- to be struck at the same time. But experts say every single commercial played in the US is hit by lightning at least once a year. And planes are protected when lightning strikes -- playing the outer aluminum skin absorbs the charge. He gets conducted harmlessly -- -- out of the plane. And then there's this no that looks like a winter wonderland in South Dakota dusting trees and -- -- -- And this wild weather is nowhere near being done just yet tomorrow this system shifts Easter bringing an elevated threat of severe weather from Little Rock. All the way to Indianapolis tonight across parts of Minnesota they're keeping their eyes on the skies they're expecting. Large hail and heavy winds through the night Diane and will be watching it with you thank you Alex.

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{"id":23648134,"title":"Massive Storms Bear Down ","duration":"2:42","description":"Tornadoes, snow and flooding are creating a brew of dangerous and extreme weather.","url":"/WNT/video/massive-storms-bear-23648134","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}