Outrage over officer found not guilty in police shooting where aftermath was streamed on Facebook

Philando Castile died after being shot by a police officer.
2:21 | 06/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Outrage over officer found not guilty in police shooting where aftermath was streamed on Facebook
Breaking headline out of Minnesota tonight a verdict in a case that caused national outrage tonight a police officer. Acquitted on all charges in the shooting death of a black man after a traffic stop. The aftermath streamed by the man's girlfriend live on FaceBook you remember the video was disturbing. The Lander could steal late dying there. ABC's even pilgrim on the verdict and the reaction now pouring in. Tonight a family outraged after a Minnesota jury acquitted officer who fatally shot a land of testy. Moments before this into this video was live stream on FaceBook by his girlfriend he'd like to think Cary. He was trying to get him I. Hockey and you let us know. Key words. Three he had a fire army was reached at present lot lit. In the opposite just shot him in it are the Saint Anthony police officer building that Diane. Then 29 year old Geronimo yeah honest cast hill's girlfriend calling recording. As her four year old daughter reassured her from the backseat. It's still there in the driver's seat fatally wounded those images last summer sparking violent protests. Prosecutors charging on as was second degree manslaughter trial arguing the officer panicked and lost control there all doctor. The yen has said he pulled cast steel over that night believing he matched the description of a robbery suspect. The driver looks. Warlike on where suspect's. Troubled life almost. Casio Stanley says he was racially profiled. In this system continues step bail black beauty bowl. At trial defense attorneys argued yet as spider because he thought cast steel was reaching for his gun tonight cast steel Stanley says. They'd been denied justice my son that this city in this city. Hill my. Time. And either pilgrim with a slot tonight you've has been covering this case from the start and maybe you're learning that the officer will not be returning to the police force. That's right David the city of seeing Anthony says it's no longer in the public's best interest for yet as to return. Police officer they are now negotiating a voluntary. Separation. Agreement David into pilgrim with us tonight Eva thank you.

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{"id":48095097,"title":"Outrage over officer found not guilty in police shooting where aftermath was streamed on Facebook","duration":"2:21","description":"Philando Castile died after being shot by a police officer.","url":"/WNT/video/outrage-officer-found-guilty-police-shooting-aftermath-streamed-48095097","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}