Referee Dies After Punch From Player

Growing concern for safety of refs after fouled player allegedly delivers deadly blow.
1:52 | 05/05/13

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Transcript for Referee Dies After Punch From Player
Awful moment of Utah soccer field shutting the real spotlight on the treatment of -- for -- Arrest making the call then punched by a team player and the -- for -- died. Many are asking should this be a wake up call for escalating behavior on the field. Here's ABC's John -- and tonight. It should go to bed like any other rec league soccer game. But when rep for rerecord a -- -- called a felony seventeen year old goalie on this Utah off field. The player flew into a rage and punched a 46 year old father enough based. When he wasn't looking. This is not marry her older -- have fun and -- and kill each other the father of three later slipped into a coma and late last night. Passed away his family left wondering how could happen -- injustice. -- -- -- -- -- It's not enough that other remind -- This is certainly not the first time -- -- -- where he has been assault. I don't look at -- youth football game in Miami coach slapped an official sold or falls to the ground. In this -- in Florida suffered a broken shoulder after being slammed into the first. By later. David recently met one college student who quit his job as a soccer -- for kindergartners years after the -- and some of the parents were just who abusive. The -- yellow means big -- and in -- -- the children but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in America we challenge authority and sports reflects that parents need to teach their kids impulse control and moral. Behavior and right and wrong. -- -- -- -- -- And that team from Utah who allegedly threw the punch has been booked at a juvenile detention center on suspicion. Of aggravated assault and because -- -- passed away David at seventeen year old now -- additional more serious charges.

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{"id":19114646,"title":"Referee Dies After Punch From Player","duration":"1:52","description":"Growing concern for safety of refs after fouled player allegedly delivers deadly blow. ","url":"/WNT/video/referee-dies-punch-player-19114646","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}