New way scammers are trying to get your money

Scammers are now posing as your bank, a con that is spreading.
1:23 | 03/18/17

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Transcript for New way scammers are trying to get your money
scammers are trying to get your money, posing as your bank. It's a creative con that's now spreading. Here's ABC's Gloria Riviera with how to protect yourself. Reporter: Tonight, con artists pretending to be your bank. Morgan Fletcher from south Carolina getting a phone call from the scammers. They were saying that I had fraudulent charges on my account and that I needed to verify that I was the rightful owner. Reporter: In San Diego Erika liecker getting a letter in the mail, claiming to be from chase Bank. And asking that she "Verify her address online" with her user I.D. And password. And this e-mail also supposedly from chase, alerting Kim Bateman in Arizona that her account was being used in Mexico. They asked if I would click on a link that would unlock the account for me. Reporter: Just one wrong letter tipping Bateman off. I noticed that chase online there was no "E" at the end of chase in the return e-mail address so that was a huge red flag. Reporter: All three of those women catching on before the crooks got to their cash. But millions fall victim to so-called phishing scams each year. Chase Bank telling ABC news, it will "Never ask for sensitive information unless you call them about an issue." And "If something seems suspicious, call the number on the back of your credit card immediately." These crooks will try to get to you any way they can and some victims say they're even sending texts.

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{"id":46229829,"title":"New way scammers are trying to get your money","duration":"1:23","description":"Scammers are now posing as your bank, a con that is spreading. ","url":"/WNT/video/scammers-money-46229829","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}