The Camera Is Always Watching

Some have suggested that Matthews was leering at Burnett, but MSNBC said that Matthews was only making a joke about the odd camera angle and strange lens being used in the shot. "As frequently happens once video gets on the Internet, it was taken out of context and incorrect assumptions were made," MSNBC Vice President Jeremy Gaines told i-CAUGHT.

Added Auletta: "This is a complaint that we've heard for years from people in public life, and not just in politics or government, but in business and sports and everywhere else. They say, 'Why do you in the press play gotcha?' Well now what's happening is that people are playing 'gotcha' with the press, and we don't like it."

Online, these clips can take on a life of their own. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what happens when the picture won't go away? Is it fair to judge an entire career based on one mistake?

"When I walk into a new newsroom," said Scott, "maybe a third of the people will have this big grin on their face, and then I'll go, 'Yes, I'm the guy. I'm the lizard guy.'"

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