Texas Showdown: GOP Stronghold Favors McCain

Always a big player on the nation's political scene, Texas' 34 coveted electoral votes have gone to Republicans in the last four presidential elections. It may have helped that the current president was the Lone Star State's governor when he first sought the country's highest office in 2004. And while Texas is, today, seen as an unwavering red state, it wasn't always the case.

(ABC News Photo Illustration)

When President John F. Kennedy aimed for 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in 1960, he didn't think he could win without putting a southerner on the ticket. Enter Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson. Texas also was the home of feisty Democratic Gov. Anne Richards, who, in 1988, gave a piercing speech at the Democratic National Convention.

In this political season, Obama wasn't able to sway Texans his way, as Hillary Clinton picked up the state thanks, in part, to the Hispanic vote. McCain captured the votes of Texas Republicans and added the southwest state on his march to his party's nomination.

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