Sunny Hostin slams Trump's 's---hole countries' comment

"The View" co-host opens up about why the president's words struck a nerve with her and her family.
1:59 | 01/12/18

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Transcript for Sunny Hostin slams Trump's 's---hole countries' comment
than Harvard. A lot of people come from Haiti that do really well. Like my husband's family. I took this so personally. You know, I spent the holidays in Haiti. Because my father-in-law, my husband's father, was born and raised there. And he came here, and raszed a family, including two doctors, and an engineer. And -- he does so much. Not only for this country, but also for his home country of Haiti. For this president to say that that country , I felt like he was talking about my father-in-law. Like he was talking about my husband. Like he was talking about my Haitian children. And I'm so offended -- And carried the piece. The people that we work with here. I spent a lot of time in Haiti. It's a beautiful country filled with strong -- I just came back from there because our family has a hotel. We're also building a learning center and a medical center if for the people of Haiti. And I have to say, you know, I -- have said repeatedly, I can't look into Donald Trump's heart. I can't say that he's a racist. Did row know him before? Yes, I can say now, Donald Trump is a racist. Did you. Absolutely. Of course he is. I can say that now. And I hate saying it. But I can say that now. Did you get a racial tic from him? Well, let's face it. Since 1970, he had to settle a fair housing discrimination lawsuit because he didn't want black people in his building. His history of racism is very well documented. I felt that because I -- somehow didn't know him that well, and I had so many people normalizing this behavior, so many people saying, this is just locker room talk. This is just how he talks. He's trying to be relatable to his base. If his base likes this type of -- of biased a a and racist behavior, shame on them. Shame on them.

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{"id":52308486,"title":"Sunny Hostin slams Trump's 's---hole countries' comment","duration":"1:59","description":"\"The View\" co-host opens up about why the president's words struck a nerve with her and her family.","url":"/theview/video/sunny-hostin-slams-trumps-hole-countries-comment-52308486","section":"theview","mediaType":"default"}