Mount Everest Avalanche ‘Came Out of Nowhere,’ Climber Says
Twelve people are dead, with three missing in mountain’s deadliest disaster.
Sherpa Guides 'Backbone' of Mount Everest Expeditions
Without them, climbers say scaling world's highest peak would be impossible.
Suspect Charged in Kansas City Highway Shootings
Man charged in 9 shootings on Kansas City highways.
Ferry Captain Arrest Sought for Leaving Bridge
Divers entered the doomed ferry, searching for survivors.
Caught! Workers Collect Thousands in False Injury Claims
Ex-cop Vincent Lamantia allegedly lied about suffering from post-9/11 trauma.
Putin 'Hopes' He Won't Have to Send Troops Into Eastern Ukraine
Putin says he believes Obama would save him if he were drowning.
Obama Raises Doubts Over Russia De-escalation in Ukraine
Kerry cites progress in four-way Ukraine talks, but Obama not so sure..
Image Shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Last Message Before Arrest
Photo shows anti-American missive scrawled where Boston Marathon suspect hid.
Oscar Pistorius' Own Expert Witness Contradicts Him
Pistorius' murder trial is adjourned for two weeks.
'Deeply Ashamed' Ferry Captain Among First to Abandon Ship
Korean captain is being investigated as a possible criminal, officials say.
US Lawyers Aim to Profit in Malaysia Airlines Tragedy
Firm signs up dozens of families of missing passengers.
Students Trapped in Sinking Ferry Send Heartbreaking Texts
South Korean ferry survivors describe sliding bodies, grabbing at railings.
Sub Makes 2nd Dive to Search for Malaysian Plane
Robot sub makes 2nd dive to search for plane; Chinese families walk out on Malaysian govt
Ferry's Sudden Shift Trapped Passengers Inside, Survivors Say
Nearly 300 ferry passengers are missing off South Korea's coast.
Accused Kansas Shooter Gets 'Suicide Prevention Smock'
Frazier Glenn Miller wore a padded smock for his first court appearance.
Could the Boston Bombers Have Been Stopped?
Some officials suspect alleged bombers had help with explosives.
Mom Whose Child Died After Catching Chicken Pox Advocates for Vaccines
Shannon Duffy Peterson said pediatrician talked her out of vaccinating child.
Protesters Say $500K Construction on Newark Archbishop's Home Is Unnecessary
Petition to stop construction on Archbishop's retirement home.
Jewish Center Shooting Is Latest in Hate Group Surge
Hate groups have doubled since the millennium, according to watchdog.
20 Kansas City Highway Shootings Recall Fears of Ohio Serial Attacks
A mentally ill man in Ohio spent five months shooting at drivers in 2003.
Bluefin-21 Sub Launches Deep Dive in Flight 370 Search
Officials say the underwater search process is painstakingly slow.
Deadline for Ukrainian Protesters Expires, but No Crackdown
Acting president offers possible referendum to appease protesters.
Australia PM 'Confident' Detected Signals Belong to Missing Malaysia Flight
Rescue teams plan to turn to sonar scanners to look for wreckage.
Bus and FedEx Truck Burst Into Flames Immediately
Police are still trying to identify the 10 deceased.
Ohio Soccer Player Is Dangerously 'Allergic' to Her Own Sweat
Caitlin McComish got anaphylaxis every time she was on the soccer field.
Mystery Surrounds College Wrestler's Death
Why Dammion Heard's parents don't believe he took his own life.
Snowden Quizzes Putin About Russian Surveillance on Live TV
The exchange occurred during the Russian President's Q-and-A program.
Lab Loses Thousands of Vials of Deadly SARS Virus
Vials containing SARS fragments hint at vulnerability.
3 More Washington Mudslide Victims Identified
3 more Washington mudslide victims identified; 4 names left on list of missing in debris
Man Charged With Marathon Hoax Held on $100K Bail
Man charged with bringing backpack to Boston Marathon area to undergo mental health evaluation
Man 'Seduced' by IRS Agent Appeals Dismissal of His Lawsuit
"I felt like a cheap whore," Vincent Burroughs recalled of the alleged incident.
$3B Sunken Treasure? Fight Over Wreck Off Cape Cod
Questions over whether an $8 million salvage operation is fishy or legit.
Grieving Widow, Widower Discover Love Again on Internet Forum
Love unfolds as "Lisa S." posts anguish and "Jim C." answers.
Case of Missing Girls Finally Solved After 40 Years
Cold case investigation finds women decades after mysterious disappearance.
Children's Dreams Come True One Picture at a Time
One photographer tries to bring hope to kids who needs it.
Al Qaeda Affiliate Leader Praised in 'Atypical' Terror Gathering
The leader of al Qaeda’s most dangerous affiliate is the star of a propaganda video showing an unusually large gathering of...
Elite Ukrainian Troops Defect to Pro-Russia Side
Armored units defect from Ukraine and fly Russian flag.
Why Your Spouse May Be 'Hangry' for a Fight
The link between marital discord and hunger pangs.
Hoping to Speak to IRS Agent About Taxes? Be Prepared to Wait
Last year, 40% of calls seeking to reach an agent went unanswered.
Clinton, Bush and a Fast-Flying Shoe: Who Dodged It Best?
Unofficial ratings on how the two responded to having footwear winged at them.
Glen Campbell Moved to Alzheimer's Facility
The Grammy-winner first announced he had the disease in 2011.
Walmart Sends Chills Through Money Transfer Business
Retailer's new service will slash industry consumer fees up to 50 percent.
Twins, 7, Attack Carjacker With Fists and Rubber Snake
Car thief was forced to pull over after a few miles.
School Flier Counsels Kids Not to Rat Out Bullies
The school has apologized for passing out the ill-advised flier.
Lawyers Who Cleared Christie Donated to RGA
The law firm that wrote the Chris Christie-sponsored report clearing the governor of any wrongdoing in the New Jersey bridge...
Fake Wash. Child Kidnapping Sparks Outrage
Two brothers came up with hoax.
What To Expect From Thursday's Russia/Ukraine Talks
Ukraine will urge de-escalation - but Russia has shown no signs of backing down.
'Game of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin
American author of novel that was turned into an HBO series talks about the characters and what inspires him.
South Korean Ferry Disaster: The Calls for Help
Boston Marathon Security Plans; Royal Easter: Prince George's First Easter
Inside a Unification Mass Wedding Ceremony
2,000 couples, all young followers of the late Rev. Sun Yung Moon, were married.