Jodi Arias Finishes Testimony Describing Killing and Her Lies


Jodi Arias On The Run After Killing Travis Alexander

Arias said she threw the gun she had used to shoot Alexander out the car window into the desert, and then washed off her blood-covered hands with water she had in the trunk of her car. She then decided to leave Alexander a voicemail in case police checked his messages later.

Arias drove on to Utah where she was supposed to meet up with friends and a new romantic interest, Ryan Burns, for the rest of her roadtrip, she testified. There, the pair kissed and cuddled on Burns' bed just 24 hours after Arias had stabbed and shot Alexander.

"I just... I don't know, I felt safe right there (with Burns). I figured if I don't kiss him at all... I just wanted to seem normal," she said, crying on the stand.

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