Nigerian 'Black Money' Scam Continues After 20/20 Expose

ByABC News
December 11, 2006, 12:18 PM

— -- Dear Timothy,

This sounds very interesting, now that you have let loose your little secret, maybe i should let loose mine too.

Right from the onset, i know you were trickish and so i was prepared too. I never trusted you to compensate me for all my effort. And so the real transaction went thus;

I place an instruction for my delegate to follow carefully, it takes only 3 hours for the delegate to have the entire funds cleaned up, after they must have smuggle the shipment into the U.S and beat the securities, and afterwards re-package it and deliver it to you. But I told them to send another suit case prepare it about a weight of $3.8M to you in California and have the real consignment load of US$15.2M hiden in their possession, and also the chemical intact. I did this so as to have you release some amount of money to me as my compensation, since i never and still do not believe you will give me a cent after you get your money. 35,000 was not too much but it seams you were quick in finding out that something is wrong somewhere and yes the above is it.

Now, 25,000 is not too much for my effort, and don't you tell me all those lies that you will give me 200,000 or more for every shipment thats a big lie and i know. Lets have the deal set. As you already have seen yesterday, your policemen could not arrest my delegate, you have no case on them except that you want to end up answering more querries with the Nigeria government, and i bet you if there is anyone that will go down in this case when we get to court that person is YOU. You have a deal with me, pay me my compensation and i will have the real funds release to you. I will tell you how to send my part to me. Just keep your own side of the promise and i assure that i will keep mine.

I look forward to your swift corporation

Mr. Ebi