Transgender Children: Resources

Web sites offering information and resources about transgender children.

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April 27, 2007 — -- Stephanie Grant and Renee Jennings, two of the mothers who appear on Barbara Walters' special, have joined together to launch a new foundation called TransKids Purple Rainbow:


Their goal is to fund research and education about transgender issues.

Below are other resources for adults and young people who are transgender or are just interested in learning more.

A support group for transgender and transsexual people, their parents and families.

Focuses on support, education and advocacy for trans people and their families.

Support groups for parents who want to affirm young children with gender-variant behaviors.

National conference for families with gender variant and transgender children.

Research on LGBT adolescents and young adults and their families. Developing family education materials, and assessment and intervention materials for providers.

Provides education, resources and training to create a more gender sensitive and supportive environment for all children.

A social services organization for lesbian, gay and transgender youth.

Works with school officials to ensure that transgender, gay and lesbian students are not harassed or bullied.

Advocacy organization for young people, including transgender youth.

A Los Angeles Unified School District program that offers technical and educational support to schools and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students.

A social services agency for transgender and gay youth in New York City. Also supports the Harvey Milk High School, a public school for LGBT youth.

Runs support groups for female to male (FTM) transsexuals in cities around the world.

An on-line guide for people in the process of transitioning.

Resources and information specifically for FTMs.

A professional medical organization formerly known as the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association.

A unique, all-purpose clinic that treats transgender and intersex children.

Drop-in groups, mental health, medical care, and hormonal treatment for transgender teens.

Full youth support services including drop-in groups, mental health, medical care, hormonal treatment.

LGBT health center in Philadelphia.

Provides health services for LGBT people in Washington, DC.

A primary health center serving New York City's LGBT population.

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Boston, MA

Highland Park, MI

New York, NY

New York, NY

New York, NY

Works to promote freedom of gender expression.

Focuses on the needs and issues of gender variant people.

An advocacy and educational group promoting free gender expression.

Lawyers who represent transgender youth and adults on a range of legal issues.

Dedicated to advancing the equality of transgender people.

Works on law and policy initiatives on behalf of transgender people.

Works to protect the right of gender self-expression.

Advocates for the rights of transgender and gender variant youth.

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