Test Your Knowledge With the Smart Traveler Quiz

If you've shopped for an airline ticket lately, you'll know that the experience can be a little bit like playing the stock market. A ticket price set at $400 one moment can go up or down by hundreds of dollars just a few hours later.

In fact, on any given flight, tickets were probably purchased at seven or eight different price points. So how do you know if you're really getting a good deal on your airfare?

Rick Seaney, CEO of Farecompare.com, helped us debunk some of the costly ticket myths that fliers buy in to. Before starting his Web site, Seaney worked for the airlines, closely tracking changes in ticket prices.

We've prepared this True-False quiz to test your airline travel smarts. Click here for the answers!

1. True or false: Coach class fares are always cheaper than first class. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

2. True or false: Waiting for last-minute deals is a good idea. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

3. True or false: You don't have to book a year in advance to get the best deals. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

4. True or false: The best time to buy tickets is at midnight, when prices are lower. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

5. True or false: Low-cost airlines always have the lowest prices. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

6. True or false: You can save money by flying on weekends. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

7. True or false: You can save money with a Saturday night stayover during your trip. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

8. True or false: Using frequent-flier miles for your dream vacation is a bad idea. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

9. True or false: Nonstop tickets are more expensive than those with connecting flights. CLICK HERE TO VOTE.

Click here for the answers!