See Man Caught Busting a Move on Top of a Florida Deputy's Car

Man “has the moves like Jagger, but chose the wrong dance floor,” sheriff says.

— -- A Florida man busted into a full-fledged dance solo atop a police cruiser, gearing up with Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl" and winding down following Supertramp's "Goodbye Stranger," but he likely did not know the whole thing was captured on surveillance video.

Christian Radecki, 44, of Cape Coral, Florida, was arrested April 7 and charged with disturbing the peace and criminal mischief after a neighbor reported a man in a green t-shirt and dark pants dancing atop a sheriff's department SUV in a private driveway.

Surveillance video of the incident, provided to police by a local resident, was made public Wednesday. It shows Radecki “has the moves like Jagger, but [he] chose the wrong dance floor,” Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott told ABC News.

The Lee County Sheriff's Department titled the video "Dancin' on the Stars" on YouTube, perhaps playing off the sheriff's star on the side of the vehicle.

On the video, Radecki dances on the roof of the police SUV for more than six minutes after driving up in a Lincoln Town Car and bumping the sheriff's department vehicle, police said. Then, he slides down the windshield and rips off the vehicle's wipers, according to a Cape Coral Police Department report.

By the time officers arrived on scene, Radecki had made his way across the street and ripped an American flag out of its holster on a front lawn and was waving it around, according to the police report.

Police would not say what reason, if any, Radecki gave for dancing on the patrol car. Passages of the police report in which Radecki possibly explained his actions were redacted.

Radecki did not respond to ABC News' requests for comment. The Lee County Sheriff's Office said an order appointing a public defender has been filed, but would not identify a specific lawyer assigned to the case.

Radecki assured officers at the time of his arrest that he had not taken any prescribed or recreational drugs, ingested alcohol, and did not suffer from any formally diagnosed mental health condition.

He was taken to Cape Coral Hospital for medical clearance, and then was transported to the Lee County Justice Center in apparent good health, the Cape Coral police report states.