Peggy Whitson clocks in 665 days in space

Peggy Whitson clocks in 665 days in space

— -- Astronaut Peggy Whitson is approaching an astronomical landmark: 665 days in orbit over three missions, giving her the record for the most time in space of any American.

Over her career, she has made 10 spacewalks totaling 60 hours and 21 minutes -- ranking third on the all-time list for spacewalks.

ABC News’ David Kerley recently interviewed Whitson before she returns to Earth, and they spoke about whether she misses home while in orbit.

“You know, I think it was best not to think about going home, for the most part, during the mission,” she said.

While Whitson does not have a plan to return to space, she would like to see humans explore more of the cosmos.

“I think that it benefits all of us on the planet,” Whitson said. “I think just philosophically we’re made to explore.”