Get Excited for These 23 Pop Culture Events in 2013

It's going to be a good year for entertainment.

Jan. 2, 2013— -- Hopefully you've recovered from your New Year's Eve hangover by now and can see past the rim of your toilet bowl and into the entertainment horizon of 2013, where there's so much to look forward to - starting with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's baby. If you don't believe Kim will be a good mom, then you should be ashamed of yourself. These 10 GIFs say it all.

But there are plenty other reasons – 23 to be exact - to be excited about what lies ahead – from highly anticipated debut albums to summer blockbusters to soon-to-be addictive TV shows.

Here's a pocket guide.


13th – Amy Poehler and Tina Fey host the Golden Globes. We're going to miss Ricky Gervais, but at least he's giving the girls some hosting advice.

13th – Lena Dunham's Girls returns to HBO to remind us why we never want to go back to being twenty-something again.

15th – A$AP Rocky drops his much-hyped debut album, Long.Live.A$AP. "F**kin' Problems" featuring Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar is a good indicator of what's to come. Also, check him out as a special guest on Rihanna's 2013 Diamonds World Tour.


1st – Netflix tries its hand at original programming with the new Kevin Spacey web series House of Cards. Netflix's other new series, the new season of Arrested Development, will arrive sometime in the spring.

3rd – Two words: Beyonce. Superbowl. And we hear some lucky fans will get to share the stage with her. Details here.

12th- Azealia Banks drops her hotly anticipated debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, originally scheduled to arrive in September 2012. Pushbacks are generally no bueno, but we're rooting for this one. The game needs her. In the meantime, we appreciate the fact that she keeps feeding us morsels.

15th – Gael Garcia Bernal does his best Chilean accent in NO, as a brilliant ad exec hired to lead the TV campaign hoping to inspire people to vote "no" to an extension of Pinochet's rule in the 1988 referendum. Its chances of making it onto the Oscar ballot for Best Foreign Film are looking good, though we won't know until the nominations are announced Jan. 10.

19th – Raul y Mexia, sons of Los Tigres del Norte's Hernan Hernandez, drop their debut album via Nacional Records. A listen to their "Todos Somos Arizona" ('We Are All Arizona") single and it's clear these guys' sing-songy raps carry a message on behalf of Latinos in the U.S.

24th – Seth MacFarlane hosts the Oscars. No pressure.


25th – Shakira and Usher make their debut on the season 4 of The Voice as judges. Will they be better than their predecessors? Watch the promo and decide for yourself. Shakira's baby boy will be about two months by then - old enough for a cameo on the show.

29th – Ryan Gosling re-teams with his Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance for The Place Beyond the Pines, about a motorcycle stunt driver who turns to crime to provide for his woman (Gosling's real-life squeeze, Eva Mendes) and child. Somewhere along the way, he pisses off the wrong cop (Bradley Cooper).

TBD - Alicia Keys and Miguel go on tour together! We don't have an exact date and tickets aren't on sale yet, but be on the look out, because this will sell fast.


12th – Up-and-coming Uruguayan director Fede Alvarez brings Sam Raimi's 1981 classic The Evil Dead into the 21st century and we're not going to lie – it looks absolutely terrifying.

14th - She loves candy bars and so do we. Bridesmaids alum Rebel Wilson hosts the MTV Movie Awards.

23 – 25 – How great was it to hear Carlos Vives again on his new single "Volvi a Nacer" back in September, after a three-year hiatus? Expect a full studio album from Vives some time in 2013, but first, check him out at the Billboard Latin Music Conference in Miami, where he'll be sharing bits of wisdom as keynote speaker.

TBD – The late Jenni Rivera makes her acting debut in Filly Brown, alongside Gina Rodriguez, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Edward James Olmos. Is her performance Oscar-worthy? Olmos seems to think so.


10th – We want every single outfit Carey Mulligan wears in Baz Luhrmann's big-screen approach to The Great Gatsby. And we'll take Leonardo DiCaprio in suspenders, too.

24th – Michelle Rodriguez comes back from the dead in The Fast and Furious 6. Because she can.


14th – Can Henry Cavill fill Christopher Reeve's shoes? Probably not – because no one can, and Brandon Routh certainly failed in 2006's Superman Returns. That's when you call in producer Chris Nolan and director Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) to create Man of Steel, a film that proposes something entirely new and refreshing yet is still good enough for loyal comic book nerds, much like Nolan's Batman trilogy was.

21st – Brad Pitt fights zombies in World War Z. They look like the ones in I Am Legend's cousins.


12th - Speaking of apocalyptic creatures, Guillermo del Toro's epic robots vs monsters adventure Pacific Rim arrives in theaters, with Idris Elba as the lead. We'd feel safe in his arms…


9th - Arsenio Hall returns to TV with his own late night syndicated talk show. Chant with us: "Woof! Woof! Woof!"


20th - Anchorman 2. Because Will Ferrell needs a chance to prove that he's still funny.