What Happens If You Fashion Shazam Things Instead of Clothes?

We're already excited to try Shazam's fashion app on non-fashion objects.

ByABC News
April 4, 2013, 12:50 PM

April 5, 2013— -- intro: Shazam -- the popular music app downloaded by two million new users each week -- is coming out with a fashion app that we've spent all morning trying to figure out.

How, exactly, will this app work?

"We have the ability to identify the product in a TV show so that when somebody Shazams it, they could find out where a presenter's dress is from in one click," CEO Andrew Fisher tells The Guardian .

Guess we'll have to wait and see exactly how that actually pans out, as the app has not officially launched. In the meantime, we decided to play fashion god and imagine how the Shazam Fashion app would respond if we took pictures of inanimate objects or animals instead of clothing.

What can we say, you're in for a treat...

quicklist: 1title:text: Your regular ol' black leather fringed cowboy boots would probably result in this Givenchy Fall 2012 Couture blanket/tent/shield/dress.media: 18880340

quicklist: 2title: text: Florals are in for spring, right?media: 18880362

quicklist: 3title: text: Perhaps you were looking for some funky animal print, but then this Alexis Mabille Fall 2011 Couture dress comes up.

media: 18880372

quicklist: 4title: text: If you take a photo of someone wearing stripes, how will the app differentiate between the millions of striped shirts, pants, shoes, dresses, vests, leggings, or underwear?

media: 18880382

quicklist: 5title: text: It turns out that taking a picture of a cotton candy raincoat can have consequences.

media: 18880350quicklist: 6title: text: This is one of the first things I will use my Shazam fashion app for -- what are the results for a picture of grass? Thankfully, designers have got our back when it comes to creating fashion that looks like compost.

media: 18880392

quicklist: 7title: text: But I wanted something with a bow! media: 18880406

quicklist: 8title: text: Q-tip couture! media: 18880416

quicklist: 9title: text: Will the app work with whole scenes, or do you have to zoom into the specific object you want to know more about? How much of the object needs to be in frame? Can you take a picture of multiple people? How many children can you smuggle into an all-u-can-eat buffet under your gown? So many questions!

media: 18880551