Nicholas Hoult on how "Jack the Giant Slayer" Is Nothing Like the Original Folktale

PHOTO: A scene from the movie Jack The Giant Slayer starring Nicholas Hoult.PlayWarner Bros
WATCH Nicholas Hoult Says 'Jack The Giant Slayer' Nothing Like Original Folktale

He's proven his versatility as an actor and somehow has managed to keep his baby blue eyes under the radar and unscathed by the paparazzi and Taylor Swift.

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You might remember his cute chubby face as Marcus, the little boy from "About A Boy" who helps Hugh Grant's character grow up. It's been 11 years since that movie, and Nicholas Hoult's has since played everything from a manipulative alpha-male bully in the English cult series "Skins", to a sexually confused student who befriends his closeted professor Colin Firth in "A Single Man", and even as a zombie who wins the heart of a cute blonde human in this year's "Warm Bodies".

His new film, Jack the Giant Slayer, comes out on March 1 and is a modern take of the folktale we all know as Jack and the Beanstalk. The original tale about a boy (pun intended) who steals obscure gold objects from a grumpy giant has been replaced by a story about a boy (this one was an accident) who tries to save a princess and a kingdom from an army of giants. And there's a beanstalk in there too. It'll definitely be an action-packed 2 hours filled with Hoult, Ewan McGregor, and StanleyTucci fighting ugly giants in front of green screens.

It seems Hollywood has become obsessed with modernizing old folklore by adding loads of CGI characters, ridiculously elaborate battle scenes, and rewriting stories to make them a lot scarier than what we remember growing up ("Snow White & The Huntsmen", "Hansel & Gretel","Red Riding Hood" etc.)

What will the next fairytale-turned-megamovie be? Maybe the Three Little Bears where grizzly bears terrorize a curly-haired kleptomaniac sociopath. Or perhaps a different take on The Princess and the Pea where a princess has an incurable disease where she is so sensitive to touch that she can feel 3 peas over 20 mattresses when she sleeps, so, by default, she can never be hugged or touched or anything because she'd probably die. The highest grossing one would most likely be the tale of Thumbelina as she tries to cross a front lawn fighting off giant ants and rain drops. Oh wait, that's "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids". Back to the drawing board.