Why Can't People on Twitter Sleep? #WhyICan'tSleepAtNight

This trending hashtag tells us what's keeping America up late.

ByRomina Puga (<a Href="twitter.com/rominapuga" Target="external">@rominapuga</a>)
May 07, 2013, 6:33 PM

May 8, 2013&#151; -- What's keeping people up and online at night? What are those very important topics trending through the wee hours of the morning? What Eli Roth production has Twitter users leaving the lights on? Or more simply put: WHY ARE TWEETERS NOT SLEEPING?!?

According to the trending hashtag #WhyICan'tSleepAtNight, we can all rest easy that absolutely nobody on Twitter has serious insomnia. What these people need is to meet Justin Bieber or a One Directioner face to face so they can shut up about it. Or maybe that'll just make things worse.

Humanity is still letting me down as these trending hashtags keep getting worse every week. See last week's Please Stop Trending: #SelfFact or #ThingsISayInSchoolTheMost. I'm scared there just isn't a cure for the epidemic that is Bieber Fever, and anyone with anything worthwhile to say will continue to fade into the noise.

I highly doubt that.

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