#WhenISeeAObamaBumperSticker Grammar Debate

Twitter users debate politics, grammar for hahstag #WhenISeeAObamaBumperSticker.

May 21, 2013— -- Finally a trending hashtag on Twitter makes people talk politics rather than why they can't sleep at night or asking them to share a useless fact about themselves.

But like most things on the internet, you set out to solve one problem and have another problem explode in your face. Whoever started this hashtag made one tiny mistake (or one brilliant premeditated touch) to their tweet. #WhenISeeAObamaBumperSticker is missing an "n" after the "a", making it grammatically incorrect.

People took to Twitter to discuss the hashtag, only instead of attacking each other's political parties because of a bumper sticker (a few did), they attacked the other party for their incorrect spelling.

I demand whoever started this hashtag to show him or herself and end this Twitter war: are you an Obama bumper sticker lover or hater?

Now we all know this iis neither true nor nice to say.

Oh, you do? Because of a sticker?

Well here's an assumption.

What are cool cars?


Oh, COME ON #2.

That's just rude.

I feel like smart tweets and trending hashtags don't go together. This one proves me wrong.


And then people caught on to the real issue.

But not without insulting each other first.

Raising another topical issue: gun control.


And the usual high note: D_Fadez says it like it is.