The Interrupting Weather Cat Denies An Interview, But Weatherman Doesn't

Univision weatherman speaks out against cat that interrupted his segment.

ByABC News
November 30, 2012, 2:42 PM

Nov. 30, 2012— -- The Univision parking lot cats live a leisurely life. They are constantly fed, they sunbathe on Mercedes Benzes, they scare the security guards by walking past the motion-sensored doorways late at night.

Basically, they're snobs.

After this week's viral video success for walking across a weather report broadcast, "Achis" (as he's called) has become pretty big headed. He refused to do an interview with us.

Fortunately we were able to interview Eduardo Rodriguez, Univision's weatherman who kept his cool throughout the incident. He had three people in front of him off camera flailing their arms trying to get the cat off the set, and he still kept it together. Kudos Eduardo.

Now Rodriguez has been receiving calls and emails from old friends and strangers trying to sell him cats. He even received calls from people in Mexico and Cuba who saw the video. But this isn't the first time Achis has made a cameo during the weather report. A few years ago he walked shamelessly across Pamela Silva Conde's weather segment.

Watch our interview with Rodriguez for the Pamela Silva Conde incident too.