Liquid Brunch: Cocktails With Eggs, Three Ways

PHOTO: Watch us learn to make cocktails with eggs.PlayJess Blank
WATCH Liquid Brunch - Eggs in Your Cocktail

Eggs aren't just great for breakfast - but they're delicious in cocktails too.

We were skeptical at first. Why put eggs in a drink? Are the eggs uncooked? Can you get sick from it? Fusion's Cristina Costantini took a trip to Apoth├ęke, a bar known for its drinks or "prescriptions" to find out.

Bartender Chris Marshall, walked us through the craft of creating artisanal cocktails with eggs. Marshall explained that by using pasteurized egg whites, the risk of food poisoning is eliminated. Marshall also explained that eggs have little to do with the taste of the drink, and mostly affect the drink's texture - making it frothy.

Egg whites in a cocktail? Dare you to try it!